Samsung Galaxy S5 And Galaxy Gear 2 Launch Confirmed, Specs To Expect

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New York Times reported highly anticipated Samsung flagship smartphone will be unveiled at a low-key event in Barcelona.

The media event to be held in Barcelona, Spain on Feb. 24 has been set by numerous tech blogs as the launch of Galaxy S5 at the MWC given its name, "Unpacked 5."

Recently, New York Times noted both Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Gear 2 will be launched in the event in Barcelona. Also, it was reported the event will be less garish relative to Galaxy S4 Broadway launch in the previous year.

According to rumors, the Korean tech giant will cut down the software customizations of Galaxy S5 and its UI will be more similar to stock Android rather than TouchWiZ because of a pact between Google and Samsung at the CES 2014.

As for the specs, reports claimed Galaxy S5 will come with a 16 MP sensor rear camera without no iris scanner as previously noted.

Although there are still 3 weeks prior to the event, specs and features of Galaxy S5 have been heavily rumored. It is expected to sport 5.24 inches AMOLED screen with 2560 x 1440 resolution and 560 ppi, 3 GB RAM, octa-core Exynos 6 CPU or quad-core Snapdragon 805, 32 GB or 64 GB native storage, 3200 mAh battery, 16 MP sensor rear camera and 3.2 MP front camera, according to Russian Leakster Eldar Murzatin.

But NYT times claimed Galaxy S5 will not arrive with (2560 x 1400) QHD screen, which contradicts other reports online. Also, Samsung previously hinted QHD screens will be incorporated into its flagship devices in 2014. It is expected Galaxy S5 to go past full HD resolution.

Meanwhile, some rumors said Samsung 2014 flagship device will sport fingerprint sensors with tight competition of Samsung with Apple, and not surprising to see such feature with Galaxy S5.  

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