Samsung Galaxy S5 To Feature Swipe Fingerprint Sensor On Release Date?

By @binibiningkd on

Overwhelming rumors on the specs and features of Galaxy S5 are out as Samsung's highly anticipated next-generation Galaxy S flagship smartphone. Among these reported features is the fingerprint sensor embedded to the display, according to ETNews.

Samsung is developing its own fingerprint sensor scanner for Galaxy S5 to rival the Apple Touch ID technology seen in the iPhone 5s, according to the Korean Web site. The swipe fingerprint sensor will be included in the features of Galaxy S5 upon lthe aunch of the device later this month.

The notable difference between the two fingerprint sensors is the Samsung fingerprint technology that requires swipe recognition rather than touch and hold as seen in Apple Touch ID fingerprint sensor. The swipe sensor is potentially more efficient than the Touch ID because of the cut in recognition time by a few milliseconds, not to mention that it will be embedded into the display of the S5 rather than in a home button as seen in iPhone 5S.

Basically, the fingerprint scanner works by detecting a single swipe across the sensor, making a lot of sense that the scanner will be placed under Galaxy S5 display and there will be a larger area where users can easily swipe fingers relative to a dedicated button.

The decision of the Korean tech giant to take fingerprint sensor production in-house ensures it can easily manufacture the technology, avoid shortages and control yield that might cause Galaxy S5 production and stocks issues at launch.

Previous rumors provided inconsistent statements on the fingerprint scanner in Galaxy S5 but this could still be one of the killer features of first flagship of Samsung in 2014.

Whether Samsung will really have the fingerprint sensor on Galaxy S5 remains up for debate, however, it must be noted most signs point to a yes. It is best to remain skeptical about it until Samsung finally announces the device or more credible leaks come.   

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