Samsung Galaxy S5 Dual SIM and Active Versions Spotted and New Antitheft Features Worth the Buy

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The spin-offs for the Samsung Galaxy S5 are already reflective of what had been seen for the Galaxy S5, which is why fans are expecting the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom and Active versions to also debut sometime after the Samsung Galaxy S5 makes an appearance in retail stores.

In fact, the Active version has already been spotted once again, this time with another model name, SM-G870A. The document, cited by GSM Arena in a report, is said to be from a User Agent Profile that reveals the model name, a well as the supposed 1080x1920 display resolution.

According to the report, the high resolution of the display ensures that it's one of the more high-end offshoots, though a better question would be the necessity of a Samsung Galaxy S5 Active version.

To begin with, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is already water-resistant and more rugged compared to its predecessor, the vanilla Samsung Galaxy S4. Of course, there are other ways by which Samsung can become created with its features for a more durable phone, with previous speculations pointing to military-grade toughness.

It's also possible that the difference will be merely physical, with the overall design of the Active version having better grip design and handling instead of the high-end, finer finish.

Dual-SIM version of the Samsung Galaxy S5 appears in China

Speaking of the many versions of the Samsung Galaxy S5, another one appears in China, though the addition here is for another SIM card slot.

The device has the model name G9009D, and it's currently an exclusive for the China Telecom carrier, reports Phone Arena. Another notable difference that the dual SIM has compared to the globally-released version is that it will not have an LTE antenna, though this matches the lack of LTE network for China Telecom.

This version is pretty interesting, as China has also rolled out other Samsung devices that are Duos, or have a dual SIM.

Samsung Galaxy S5's antitheft features make it worth buying

If you need more convincing when it comes to upgrading your current Samsung device to the latest Samsung Galaxy S5 flagship, here's one good reason: its antitheft features.

Reuters reports that the antitheft features included in the device has been praised by two U.S. members of an international coalition whose thrust is to diminish and eliminate robberies involving smart devices.

"The decision to provide Samsung's Find My Mobile and Reactivation Lock features on Galaxy S5 smartphones and to allow those features to be activated for free is a step forward in our effort to ensure the industry makes effective theft deterrents available on every smartphone sold in America," said Eric Schneiderman and George Gascon, a New York attorney general and San Francisco district attorney respectively in a statement quoted by Reuters.

Of course, the officials also acknowledge that customers would need to own the device in order to enjoy the privileges, but that is part of an innovating industry as well.

This may be the first step for Samsung to ensure the protection of its users, as there have been quite a number of victims when it comes to crimes related to smartphones. In 2012 alone, the report cites a 1.6 million specific number of cases in America involving victimization via smartphones.

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