Samsung Galaxy S5 Comes With S Note, Gear Manager, WatchON Apps on Release

By @binibiningkd on

In the previous month, the South Korean tech giant has unveiled Samsung Galaxy S5, its most awaited Android-based flagship smartphone. The new handset is set to bring along some new and updated apps.

Samsung Galaxy S5 release date will be on April 11 and the company plans to release it in various locations worldwide. But this early, fans can already get a taste of some of the goodies that Samsung has in store.

Some Samsung Galaxy S5 apps like APK files have leaked online and are already available for download through a link in the XDA-Developers Forum.  Among the available for downloads are Gear Manager, Gear Fit Manager, Calculator, S Health, S Note, S Translator and WatchON.

Samsung updated the cited apps with a flatter and cleaner look for the new Samsung Galaxy S5, according to Sam Mobile. Also, the Web site reported these apps are compatible with Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 devices. But users must update first to the Android 4.4.2 KitKat OS before installing them.

Apparently, the S Health app is not working but the rest of the apps have no issues whatsoever when installed in older devices. The Gear Fit Manager app is not beneficial for devices unless it is with a Gear Fit.  

For those who are interested in installing these apps, you must ensure that you uninstall or block existing iterations to ensure that the installation goes through smoothly. Basically, root access is required. If tweaking your phone is not your thing, you can just wait for the next software update which might bring these apps.

Although there are some enthusiasts out there who would be interested in taking these apps for a spin, others will have to wait for Samsung Galaxy S5 to get a taste of these goodies. Fortunately, it wouldn't take long because Samsung Galaxy S5 will hit the shelves in less than a month.

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