Samsung Galaxy S5 Check-up: Top 10 Bugs to Test Before Purchase to Avoid Faulty Model

By @Seju_Juni on

Those aiming to buy Samsung Galaxy S5 after its official announcement sometime this month or the next need to check the device first in the shop to prevent going back due to unforeseen issues from a faulty model.

1. Display Sensitivity Check the display sensitivity by browsing the app menu, home screen, lock screen, launching apps and playing multi-touch games. Consumers may also want to check for dead pixels by downloading an app from the Play Store to be sure.

2. Wireless Connectivity Smartphones commonly suffer from Wi-Fi drops. Although it is best to test for this issue at the buyer's place or at any public hotspot area to determine issues, consumers should also test for it while in the shop. In addition, buyers should not forget to test bluetooth, GPS and NFC radios as well. Anyway, buyers have specific timeline for instant replacement in case they found something weird with their purchased devices.

3. Mobile Data Connection

Once buyers have put their SIM inside the device, they should check the APN settings and then connect via mobile data. Make sure that mobile data disables automatically if an active Wi-Fi is on effect which is a default system action. Test it out "restrict background apps" feature and data usage monitor as well.

4. 4G/LTE Connectivity First mobile data test is for 3G which means buyers need to enable 4G/LTE this time using a compatible SIM card or data plan. They can check the switching of 3G to 4G, download speed and if the network disables when a Wi-Fi connection is active.

5. New Security Feature Fingerprint sensor is an expected additional security feature on the Galaxy S5. Consumers should test it right away if it works better than iPhone 5S, if accessing it is more convenient and if it accurately reads their prints.

6. Overheating Issue One of the most commonly reported issue on high-powered smartphones is overheating that also happened on the Galaxy S4. Consumers can get to know how the Galaxy S5 feels when playing 3-D games, using 4G/LTE or streaming live channels. If Samsung promised a more efficient device, the Galaxy S5 would not easily overheat as the Galaxy S4 during heavy performances.

7. Snappy Performance Buyers can swipe left to right and vice versa on the home screen, lock screen to browse widgets and app menu. They can also launch several apps, keep them on the memory and then press home and continue thier swiping attack again to test snappy performance.

8. Multimedia Playback Almost every software on the Galaxy S5 has been upgraded including multimedia apps. Insert the headphone, play a music and listen if any hiss comes out. Now, try the speakers if it's audible and sweet to the ears. After that, check the video playback if the colours are vivid, smooth and immersive.

9. Exclusive Galaxy S Apps Don't forget to test all Galaxy S apps on the device such as S Voice, S Translator and others. These apps should work normally, especially if buyers are in the United States or the United Kingdom, as most apps are integrated in these areas. Remember, buyers are actually paying for these apps that's why the S5 is expensive.

10. Sensors In addition to S Voice and S Translator, double check gestures and sensor-dependent apps such as Air Gestures to confirm if all are functioning normally. Those who have already used the Galaxy S4 should make this one of their top check-up priorities.

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