Samsung Galaxy S5 Cheaper Than S4 at Launch, Compact Version Spotted and Experience App Released

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Release date for the Samsung Galaxy S5 has already been announced, and there have even been comparisons made on which handset will be the best for this generation.

But the issue of price has not yet been resolved, as the Korean company's announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S5 originally did not have any price tags pegged for the new handset.

NDTV has spotted a possible remedy to this upon finding from another source that the Samsung Galaxy S5 may really be cheaper compared to the Samsung Galaxy S4 when it was launched.

It seems that the price at launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5 would at least be $80 lower compared to when the Samsung Galaxy S4 was first launched. If this is true, then it will prove to be a good move for the brand, as it will keep the Samsung Galaxy S5 from going down the path that the Samsung Galaxy S4 did. A lower price could make the handset more appealing for consumers.

Is This the New Compact Samsung Galaxy S5?

Samsung seems to be getting in the groove of creating alternative versions of its flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S5, if this seemingly new handset model is anything to go by.

Phone Arena has spotted the SM-G750A, the possible model of the more compact version of the Samsung Galaxy S5, and potentially yet another version of the flagship. Whether it is the Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo or another version that's more high-end in features but more compact in size remains to be seen, but the SM-G750A does seem to have meatier insides, including a 2.3 GHz CPU and the Snapdragon 801 MSM8974-AC, the latter of which is also found in the Samsung Galaxy S5.

So far, no details have been verified as of yet from Samsung, but with the approaching release date of the Samsung Galaxy S5, it may only be a matter of time before announcements come in.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Experience App: Test It Before Buying It

For those who are not sure if they want to buy the Samsung Galaxy S5, there's a way to see if they'll enjoy using the phone—at least the inside of it. It seems that Samsung has just released The Samsung Galaxy S5 Experience app, which lets users feel what it's like to operate the Samsung Galaxy S5 without owning it yet.

According to Phandroid, the app is out in the Google Play Store, and it will let users see what it's like to play with the Samsung Galaxy S5. Users will be able to see the Samsung Galaxy S5's camera, the fitness and health features, the key accessories of the handset, some hands-on video and even the way that the handset will connect on the new Samsung Gear. And they can do all of that while using their old phone.

It's a cool way to advertise and hype up the phone—the ultimate teaser, perhaps, showing users what they can have if they do plan to upgrade. Check out the Samsung Galaxy S5 Experience app right here.

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