Samsung Galaxy S5 Buying Guide: Top 10 Checklist Before, During and After Purchase in Stores

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Samsung Galaxy S5 is set to be launched as early as March or, if rumours are true, by April. And for those who want to upgrade from an older Galaxy S smartphone to the Galaxy S5, here are important factors to check before, during and after the purchase.

Checking Online

Pre-orders begin before the Samsung Galaxy S5's official release on physical stores. But those who would like to wait longer can browse retailers online to determine which store offers the best price and the best deal for the new Samsung device. However, consumers need to remember to review warranty, cost and model variant of Galaxy S5 from online deals that may have some freebies.

IP 67 Feature

One of the most important features buyers need to check is the Ingress Protection or UP 67 on Galaxy S5. Since it offers water-resistant, don't be shy to test it out if it's working perfectly. This is the best way to spot any factory defect and avoid the hassle of returning the device for replacement or repair.

Testing for the Camera

Various upgrades are included on the 16 MP rear camera and should also be a part of any buyer's testing list. These upgrades include the following:

1. Fast Auto Focus: If it says "fast", go ahead and pick something moving to test the Fast Auto Focus feature.

2. Dual Shot Mode: Both the rear and front cameras can perform dual shot of images and recording.

3. HDR Rich Tone: Check if the HDR mode works great on low-light and bright scenes.

4. Selective Focus: Blurring out the background shouldn't affect the focus on the subject as the feature points out.

5. Video Stabilisation: If a user's hands are shaky, it would be good for them to double check the stabilisation on the video recording, which should be fine due to video stabilisation feature.

 S Health Features

Whether users want to use the Galaxy S5 to help them cultivate a healthy lifestyle or stick to their exercises, there are several S Health features that have been added and improved to help them do these:

1. Heart Rate Monitor: It should monitor a user's heart rate without requiring accessories.

2. Personal Fitness Tracker: The enhanced S Health must track down a user's walking distance, calories and speed.

3. Pedometer: Try playing with the pedometer if its accurate.

Wireless and Networks

Insert a SIM and enable the mobile network mode including mobile data connection. Test the 4G/LTE download and upload speeds with proper switching between Wi-Fi.

Other wireless features buyers should also check include the following:

1. Wi-Fi and Double Wi-Fi connection mode

2. Wi-Fi and LTE simultaneous connection

3. Bluetooth

4. GPS

5. NFC

6. S Beam.

Fingerprint Scanner

The fingerprint scanner is the first feature found on a Galaxy S smartphone that has been certified by PayPal. Users can customise it to unlock properly and enable payments via PayPal.

Power Saving Mode

Now, this one is very tricky to do during purchase and probably best to be tested at home. Consumers may a grace period of replacement in case something goes wrong with the Galaxy S5, so they have a day or two to check the Ultra Power Saving mode. Once users have charged the device in full for the first time, they can use it to the max and then enable Ultra Power Saving mode when nearing power depletion.

User Accounts

Users can have Private and Kids mode features on the device to keep privacy secure between them and their young ones. Play with the S5 at home and test if privacy is what Samsung claims it to be.

Galaxy Gear

The Galaxy Gear is the best accessory matched for the Galaxy S5, and for thoes who already have one, it is best to check the syncing between the two while in stores. It is better to have the connection fixed during the purchase than get a headache at home or in the office.


Some people purchase insurance to extend the effects of guarantee on top of the device's warranty. It may be expensive but useful when things go bad on the warranty details of the Galaxy S5. The smartphone also has Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and water resistance which shouldn't be faulty.

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