Samsung Galaxy S5 Availability Delayed?

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Samsung Galaxy S5's availability has been delayed due to production glitches, according to reports.

India Times reported Samsung Galaxy S5 production has been halted due to some production glitches involving the fitting of the lenses. Samsung Galaxy S5 packed a new ISOCELL lens which come with six elements which need to fit one on top of the other. But the thickness of the device has not changed. The thinness of the lens cannot be changed as even a slight alteration in the thinness may affect the quality of the photos.

Also, the fire incident in one of Samsung's PCB manufacturing plants affected the company's productivity. Samsung was slightly limped due to the incident. Samsung Galaxy S5 was set to roll out in more than 150 countries on April 11, causing a possibility of delay.

This occurred before the smartphone was announced boasting a lot of amazing specs and features. But production issues began to surface. This particular incident happened to HTC One last year after it impressed everyone with its sleek looks, amazing ergonomics and the ultrapixel camera had to be delayed as the camera proved to be the stumbling block.

As expected, Samsung Galaxy S5 was introduced with a myriad of new features such as fingerprint and heart sensors and the latest Android 4.4.2 Kitkat OS. One of the new features boasted by Samsung Galaxy S5 are the fingerprint and heart sensors. The smartphone can be a beneficial tool for your health with S Health. The handset can provide you real-time data by simply placing a finger on the front-facing camera.

The latest Samsung Galaxy S5 also packed the 64-bit quad core processor from Qualcomm clocked at 2.5 GHz. Also, the handset will pack a separate graphics chipset - Adreno 330. But to the dismay of many Samsung fans, the handset skipped the rumored metal casing and retained its plastic body. 

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