Samsung Galaxy S5 Active Confirmed with 277 Apps; Galaxy S5 Teardown Results and Dev Edition Details

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 Active seems all but confirmed as another leak hints at the as of yet unannounced device.

This time, the leak pertains to the inclusion of 277 apps with the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active, as @evleaks, notorious insider and information giver, has mentioned the new active APKs that may be found on the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active once it releases, reports Phone Arena.

The presence of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active may be a question for some, since the main selling feature of the variant, which is a rugged spin to the Samsung Galaxy S5, has already been catered to by the water-proof and dust-proof qualities of the Samsung Galaxy S5.

But the report suggests the possibility that there may now be the IP68 certification level, which has already been granted to the Sony Xperia Z2. And to further suggest the existence of the Samsung Galaxy S5, the source adds that there is a current rumour that the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active will come to AT&T and Sprint, which are the first two carriers that have been connected to the device as early as now.

Teardown of the Galaxy S5: The verdict

iFixit has already conducted its own teardown of the Samsung Galaxy S5 and found a few surprising things when comparing it to its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Looking deeper inside the device, iFixit found that, after the rear case has been peeled back, you will find that the first midframe and display assembly are sandwiching a second midframe.

Overall, iFixit has rated the Samsung Galaxy S5 with a 5 out of 10 reparability score, putting only the battery as the only part that is easy to remove and replace. The display is pretty much easy to repair though it requires careful prying and even heat to remove. In fact, when you do try to remove the display, iFixit notes that you may be risking extra damage to the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Samsung Dev Edition coming to Verizon

The release for the Samsung Galaxy S5 is not yet over, as news that a developer edition will be coming to Verizon surfaces.

According to GSM Arena, the Developer Edition, which is currently called the ET-G900VMKA, will debut to the carrier. As the name implies, all of the hardware specs for the Samsung Galaxy S5 developer edition is the same with its Samsung Galaxy S5 vanilla version.

Those who are thinking of getting the dev edition will have the advantage of having an unlocked bootloader, so that users can check out the Android ROMs.

The report states that there are no announcements yet related to a possible U.S. release date for the developer edition.

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