Samsung Galaxy S5 16MP Sensor Camera Review

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A new Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone is displayed at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Reuters

Samsung Galaxy S5 has been unveiled at the Mobile World Congress 2014 at Barcelona, Spain showcasing its new 16MP sensor rear camera.

Here is a short review and what you expect to see with the improved camera of the Samsung flagship.

According to Cnet, one benefit of the high megapixel count of Samsung Galaxy S5 is that even cropped images have relatively high-resolutions.

Apart from the optical performance of Samsung Galaxy S5, the native camera app gets an update with a couple of notable changes. An HDR toggle, representing the new processing powers of the device, pops up on the screen making the selection easier.

The Selective Focus, which is fairly new to the Samsung flagship but already seen on some high-end Nokia Lumia smartphones, is a feature allowing users to choose a more shallow depth of field even after you take the shot. Although it works pretty well, you need to press the on-screen control first.

Virtual Tour is somewhat similar to Google's Photo Sphere app, where it compiles a 360-degree view of the surroundings that plays in a video.

Panning is another new feature that seems to work similar to an action freeze-frame shot. After the user takes the picture, he can proceed to edit the character of the background blur while the subject remains in focus.

Basically, the camera app of Galaxy S5 is a combination of a bunch of apps into one called Shot and More. This view includes several modes like Best Face, Eraser, Best Photo Drama and the Panning mode. The user must choose the mode before taking a photo and then select from the shooting modes that work with each image best.

Another noteworthy feature of the camera of Samsung Galaxy S5 is its ability to jump into the camera settings to drag a setting into the shortcut bar. Also, a user can store images in Samsung's secure Knox box.

In a nutshell, the new features and the updated visuals that alter on-screen controls and icons made Samsung Galaxy S5's camera easier to use with a polished look. 

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