Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One: 5 Ways HTC Can Beat Samsung in 2013 [PHOTOS]


Samsung Galaxy S4 is poised to become the best 2013 Android smartphone. But HTC One has been gaining a lot of attention for coming out with a sophisticated and sleek design. Could HTC beat Samsung in this round of flagship phone face-off?

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Here are 5 Ways HTC One Can Beat Samsung Galaxy S4

1. First impressions. HTC One drew very positive reviews when it was announced in February. In contrast, Samsung Galaxy S4 was met with disappointed sighs by many tech reporters. The key is in the level of expectation. Much was expected from the more popular S3 maker, while HTC managed to dish out some new features that surprised passive observers. With a good head start in release, HTC One can establish itself through user reviews before the Galaxy S4 comes out. One's first impressions could pull in more new gadget shoppers.

2. Sophisticated chassis. Samsung Galaxy S4's Super AMOLED display is crisp and sharp, but the body that holds everything together does not match the class of the phone screen. HTC One's aluminum unibody construction is pleasant to the eyes and very nice to hold.

3. Improved Android phones awareness. Galaxy S3 rose to popularity before Sony rose to the challenge and wowed gadget shoppers with truly attractive features. Just several weeks later, HTC One was announced. All the talks surrounding these new Android super smartphones are convincing users to consider mobile units other than Samsung. HTC One can easily stand out among the competition.

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4. Faster camera. "One is noticeably faster in every context. When flicking between screens, opening apps, and taking photos there was clear lag on the Galaxy S4," reports Gizmodo. Gadget shoppers prioritizing camera features might see the One as the better option compared to the S4.

5. Size preference. HTC One is slightly heavier at 0.32 pounds compared to S4's 0.29 pounds. It's a feat that Samsung still managed a slim phone despite the bigger screen. But some users might be more inclined to choose the smartphone that is not so big to hold up to the ear.

Samsung is undoubtedly more established than HTC in the smartphone arena, but HTC is quickly rising in fame, too. Is HTC One better than Samsung Galaxy S4? Even when both phones are out, there will be no clear-cut answer to this. It would depend on each user's needs. Android phone shoppers are looking more carefully into their own priorities and becoming more aware of their options.


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