Samsung Galaxy S4: Top 5 Hot Fixes on Commonly Encountered Problems in Overheating, No Signal, Lags and Freezes

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the 2013 "life companion" flagship Android smartphone from the South Korean tech giant which features top-of-the-line software and hardware technology. However, some owners of Galaxy S4 reported issues on the camera, heat and others plaguing the device. Check out the hot five fixes for the commonly encountered problems of the Galaxy S4.

The Overheating Issue

Overheating is one of the greatest issues considered to be dangerous among smartphones. It can cause explosion and injure the owner if overheating persists, and the Galaxy S4 is simply one among devices reported to be suffering from it.

The XXUAMDE firmware of the Galaxy S4 I9500 suffers intense heating problem whenever being charged or under continuous use. Symptoms include red screen tint, too hot for comfortable use and occasional lags.

As a first aid, the device must be immediately turned off and placed it in well-ventilated area to cool it down. If possible, remove the back cover the let heat escape from the device. Once it has already cooled off, check a software update via Over-the-Air in "Settings > About phone > Software update" or via Samsung Kies PC suite to get the latest firmware fixing overheating issue.

Camera Fringing

The Samsung Galaxy S4 camera boasts great capture and is packed with all-new features, but there are units reported to be suffering from fringing or blurry captures. Mostly, it is caused by the protective plastic that was placed on the camera lens, and removing it can improve the camera problem. If the issue persists, check for an update from Samsung Kies or via OTA which will include major bug fixes. In case nothing of these methods solve it, go to your retailers or service centre to check if the hardware has something to do with it.

Occasional Lags and Freezes

The Galaxy S4 is not perfect, and occasional lags or freezes may happen at times. TouchWiz and other bloatware from Samsung can cause such problem and inconvenience which can be fixed by doing the following:

-          Disabling some Samsung applications or the TouchWiz itself may fix the lags. Go to "Settings > More > Applications Manager > All > Select the app > Disable."

-          Clearing the cache memory frees RAM and removes temporary files which you get from browsing the Internet or launching applications. Go to "Settings > Application Manager > All > Select app > Clear cache." Normally, personal settings and data files are not removed using this procedure.

-          Restart the phone regularly to refresh applications, memory and performance. If computers require restart, your Galaxy S4 needs it sometimes, too.

Keyboard and Auto-correction

Some users prefer auto-correction when typing and Samsung removed the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean keyboard from Galaxy S4. If your TouchWiz keys are not functioning well with auto-correction, you download and install third-party applications such as Go Keyboard or Swift to solve this issue. Do not forget to check for updates which may include bug fixes on the keyboard functionality.

Signal and Reception

Getting coverage and signal is a terrible kind of crisis on phones, and if the Galaxy S4 you own has this, prepare to do some troubleshooting.

-          Check the Airplane mode and make sure it is not active as it denies any coverage from any network. Hold and press the Power button to check if the Airplane mode is off; if not, tap to do so.

-          Check the network coverage in the area. Thick and multiple walls can block network coverage no matter how powerful your smartphone is. Another thing is to make sure that there is no technical issue from the network covering the location where you are. One way to solve this is turn off the device for 1 minute, remove the SIM card and battery, if possible, and re-insert them back before starting the device.

-          Finally, go to a service centre or have a technician diagnose the phone which may be interrupted due to hardware issues. Damaged internal antennae will subdue the network coverage.

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