Samsung Galaxy S4: Top 5 Best Ways to Improve and Extend Battery Life [Videos]

  @Seju_Juni on May 16 2013 12:14 PM

Samsung included a big battery pack on your Galaxy S4 and the flagship device usually lasts a day in full use. But if you are in a dire situation and your Galaxy S4 is drastically losing battery before reaching out the charger at home, follow these tips to extend the battery life.

1.      Wireless Technologies Turn off wireless connectivity if they are not in use.

a.      Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS and Mobile Data are among several wireless radios you should switch off if not being used at all.

b.      Galaxy S4 will continue to look for active connections even you are not using them if they are enabled and drains battery quickly.

c.       Use two fingers on the notifications bar and drag it downward to use quick toggles for control.

2.      Disable Extra Features Samsung Galaxy S4 is heavy when it comes to features include Air Shuffle, Motion Gestures and more.

a.      Disable features you do not use often to stop them from draining your battery.

b.      Most of the time you do not use all of them at the same moment, so it would be wise to keep features which you want throughout the day.

3.      Control Your Display Screen with a larger size consumes more energy and Galaxy S4 has close to 5-inches of display. 

a.      Reduce the brightness manually according to your surroundings to reduce display consumption.

b.      Shorten the screen timeout or always lock the device if not in use.

c.       Pick a wallpaper with most colour in black. AMOLED display simply turns off if the images are black which saves battery.

d.      Aside from black wallpaper, try to use static ones instead of live wallpapers. Not only will it help your battery but also the memory running it.

4.      Sync Only When Needed Syncing data is effective for those who constantly use email accounts or social media. But this activity will drain your battery especially using mobile data connection.

a.      Sync only important accounts which you constantly monitor.

b.      Manually refresh other accounts that aren't important.

c.       Log out social apps if you do not wish to view contents automatically.

d.      Uninstall apps with duplicating functions. There is no need to have 3 to 5 similar apps if you can get most features from 1 kind.

5.      Power Saver Samsung Galaxy S4 has a built-in Power Saving tool in the Settings menu.

a.      Use the Power Saver once the battery gets too low.

b.      Press and hold the Power Saver toggle on the notifications shade and manually adjust which specific function you it to do.

c.       Do not use third-party power saving apps which may damage your system if poorly written.

d.      Press and hold the Home key then swipe left or right to close apps you do not need anymore. Another way is to click the pie icon then clear the RAM to free memory and close apps consuming battery.

e.      Never install third-party task managers for Samsung already installed one for you.

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