Samsung Galaxy S4 Tipped for Mid-2013 Launch, Timely Clash with Corning Gorilla Glass 3’s Availability?

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Speculations abound that Samsung will let loose its latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S4, anytime within Q2 2013 but one important component could actually determine the gadget's market debut.

The S4 is expected to wow with the most updated hardware and software specs that hopefully Samsung can put together in harmony come April or May, which analysts and blog reports suggested are the likely launch months that the Asian tech giant is targeting.

However, it is highly likely that the Galaxy S4 will make its global landfall a bit later, probably by mid-2013, according to reports by tech blog site Gotta Be Mobile.

The reason for the 'necessary delay', the report explained, is Samsung's plan of including the new Corning Gorilla Glass 3 with the high-end features that will grace its highly-anticipated smartphone.

By all indications, the S4 is all set to engulf the smartphone market with its top-notch attributes, among them the latest quad-core processor, a 13MP camera shooter, the newest Android cooked up Google and a much improved AMOLED display on its 5-inch with 1080p resolution.

It's only natural that Samsung would want to install the best glass screen available for its biggest money-maker. And that material, according to Gotta Be Mobile, is best represented by the Gorilla Glass 3.

Introducing its latest offering at the ongoing CES, Corning touted the new Gorilla Glass as the most durable of its class, many times more robust that its previous iterations.

Most notable upgrade in the Gorilla Glass 3 is the inclusion of a new technology called by Corning as Native Damage Resistance. With this extra protection, device front screens wrapped with the material are more resistant to cracks and scratches.

In short, the Gorilla Glass 3 is the next best thing to the 'unbreakable screen' that Samsung had hoped to use with the Galaxy S4 front covering.

But this flexible smartphone screen will not become a reality anytime soon so Samsung would be served well to go for Corning's attractive alternative, which is set for full unveiling in the middle part of 2013.

Obviously, Corning's calendar is not in sync with the reported launch date of the Galaxy S4, leaving Samsung with the option of pushing back the S4's rollout in order to wait for Corning's production release of the Gorilla Glass 3.

If indeed Samsung is bent on packaging the latest glass screen technology from Corning with the Galaxy S4, the likely scenario would be for Samsung to allow a glimpse of the handset via the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain on late February, Gotta Be Mobile said on its report.

Then the company would let the anticipation for the S4 to build up in the following months, picking an early Q3 2013 commercial availability for the handset as the ripe moment and by which time the phone is fully-equipped with the all the recipes assuring its success, the same report added.

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