Samsung Galaxy S4 Stabbed With 3 Knives, a Pen, Keys and Pennies [Video]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Gorilla Glass 3 Survives Extreme Measures

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Samsung's latest flagship smartphone Galaxy S4 has its display screen protected by Gorilla Glass 3 to withstand scratches and cuts from other objects. Corning Gorilla Glass is three times more scratch-resistant than Gorilla Glass and 40 per cent fewer scratches visible to the naked eye. Did the glass really protect Samsung Galaxy S4?

YouTube user Szabolcs Ignacz made a video testing the resistant of the Galaxy S4's display screen. He used a pen, 3 knives, keys and pennies with the attempt to break the Gorilla Glass 3 protection of the device.

The first thing he used is the pen by poking on the display screen. Yet nothing actually happened on Galaxy S4. No breaks or scratches visible to the naked eye. On the second round, he used three different knives - ordinary, bread knife with teeth and kitchen knife. It looks scary as he strikes the device with all three, and again, not a single part of the screen was damaged. For the finale, he used a key to hit and scrape the screen real hard then later coins to scratch it.

Galaxy S4 survived the attack and it is indeed proven thatthe  Corning Gorilla Glass 3 is stronger than its previous version.

The glass debuted on CES 2013 and demonstrated how tough the new version would be even if is appears to be thin. While the tech world knows how Gorilla Glass is made, no one exactly sure how strong it can be. No test yet has been done if it would crash to the floor, adding to the impact of gravity or if a shattering sound pulse can destroy the Gorilla Glass.

Samsung Galaxy S4 may have a not-so-cheap price tag but it is justified on how tough it is against daily scratches, cuts and bumps.

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