Samsung Galaxy S4 Set for April Debut: Australia to Get Initial Shipments?

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Samsung's Galaxy S4 starts rolling out by the second week of April 2013, the projection based on two new reports coming from the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

In UK, it is expected that the Galaxy S3 replacement will make its commercial debut between April 15 and 22, per report by Geeky Gadget, adding that the new Android handset will be sold initially by a giant UK retailer.

The same report pointed to a source that was a spot on in predicting the launch dates when the iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini debuted last year. So this specific call is packed with some heavy credentials plus the fact that Samsung's recent body-language actually points to an April release of the Galaxy S4.

And when this sexy gadget is pushed out internationally by its South Korean maker, it is likely that Australians will have a first taste. According to Phone Arena, a key New Zealand phone retailer is running a contest among its sales people in order to drive up revenues.

The sales competition will end first week of April and the lucky winners will be issued brand new smartphones, courtesy of Samsung. Yes, some Kiwis will own the first deliveries of the Galaxy S4 in this side of the world.

And when Australia's next-door neighbour is getting the hotly-anticipated Samsung toy in advance, the possibility is not too remote that initial batches of S4 deliveries will also reach Aussie port. Yet to date, there is no solid information on when exactly Australians will get to play with the Galaxy S4.

At the moment, the upcoming gizmo has already generated global interests akin to those seen in previous iPhone launches, leaving the impression that the Galaxy S4 has successfully equalled the huge popularity gained by the Apple handset in the past half-decade.

Taking this into consideration, Samsung appears bent on delivering a near-perfect product come the unpacking time, which reports said will happen March 22.

Reports varied but most experts agree that the S4 is a combination of beauty on the outer shell and a beast under the hood. Samsung is expected to improve on the built of its flagship smartphone while keeping the thin and light profile popular with S3 fans.

It will be powered by a quad-core Exynos Octa 5 processor plus a 3GB of RAM with an equally powerful GPU to fire up the Super AMOLED 1080p display rendering on its 4.99-inch screen.

Expected upgrades include a 13MP rear-cam shooter, a 2600mAh battery, stylus function via the S-Pen, wireless charging and Android 4.2 or higher plus significant improvements on Samsung's Nature UX skin.

In designing, manufacturing and marketing the Galaxy S4, Samsung is motivated by its goal to clock at least 10 million sales per month during the initial quarters of the handset's international availability, BGR News said.

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