Samsung Galaxy S4 and S4 Mini 'Black Edition' Sports Leather Rears and More

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Following introduction of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo in Poland, all eyes turn to other Galaxy S products. This time Samsung unveils its Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 Mini “Black Edition.” Instead of usual plastic rear, the devices now sport a leather finish. Despite the Russian “release” of the devices, it will only be a matter of time before they hit other regions. Are the black editions worth checking out?

Samsung Russia announced last Jan 31 the introduction of the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 Mini Black Edition models. Given the names, both devices sport all black shells. But, instead of the standard glossy plastic back covers, Samsung has traded faux leather back covers. The back covers are similar to the ones used in the Galaxy TabPRO/NotePRO and Galaxy Note 3 series.

On the outside, the Black Edition of Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 Mini appear like original versions. Nonetheless, the leather finish is apparent. The Black Edition Galaxy S4 was fashioned from the GT-I9505 model. This means it features a 1.9 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor. The Black Edition Galaxy S4 Mini, on the other hand, runs on a 1.7 GHz dual-core Snapdragon 400 chipset.

Previously, Samsung received blacklash for the glossy plastic finish of its Galaxy line. According to some analysts and consumers, the plastic finish reduces the high-end appeal of the flagship devices. While the faux leather finish will not satisfy everyone, it would surely be a good a improvement from the plastic shells. It should appeal to more consumers than the plastic finish from before.

Analysts believe that Samsung's Black Edition and leather move are signs that the company is moving forward to higher end design. The company has been emphasising its focus on the high-end market for quite some time now. Analysts believe the leather switch may well signal Samsung's dedication to that focus. Analysts also believe that Samsung will be incorporating the leather more into its upcoming Galaxy products.

The Black Edition Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 mini will hit Russia this February. However, there are no exact details yet about the release of the devices worldwide. People will have to stay tuned for more announcements.

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