Samsung Galaxy S4 Rumour Updates: Enthusiasts Tout Thinner Shell, Wider Screen, Projected Keyboard, S-Pen Stylus, Multi-Chips for the S3 Replacement

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The new Samsung Galaxy S4 will have thinner shell and wider screen, likely reaching 5.0-inch mark, based on a rendering video prepared by a Russian website.

According to Rozetked, the flagship Samsung smartphone will definitely surpass the sexy features that came with the Galaxy S3 and its chief rival, Apple's iPhone 5. The S4 will be handset that is incredibly thinner and its screen virtually hogging the whole front real estate.

The new phone, which Samsung is likely to unleash on April 2013, will be deployed with a 'projected keyboard', which "projects an image of a keyboard on a flat surface and then allows the user to type on the projected keys."

Business Insider first reported the Rozetked Galaxy S4 video rendition, which is viewable through this link:

Yet more surprises are packed with the foremost iPhone nemesis apart from the earlier specs - a 1080p AMOLED display, a quad-core Exynos 5440 chip and 13-megapixel rear auto-focus camera, according to South Korean website Enuri.

It is likely that the S4 will carry an extra tool that Samsung fans have come to love with the Galaxy Note. Enuri reported that the S4 will have its own stylus in the form of a more improved S-Pen.

This additional input Samsung instrument should be a welcome S4 feature, according to Redmond Pie. This pen should "allow for much more precision in carrying out certain tasks, sometimes difficult with touch-screen devices alone," the tech blog site explained.

It is also whispered that Samsung is planning to use ARM's big.LITTLE chip architecture with the Galaxy S4 for compartmentalised functions of the phone, Redmond Pie added.

Samsung appears bent on arming the new smartphone with an "A7 (chip) for basic tasks like texting and internet browsing, along with a more powerful A15 chip for more resource-intensive tasks such as mobile gaming," the tech site reported.

These S4 speculations, however, will not be confirmed until the purported release of the much-anticipated handset, which should come by Q2 2013. Samsung has indicated that the S4 will be a no show for the upcoming CES in Las Vegas next week.

It is also doubtful if the tech world will have a glimpse of the mobile phone by the time the Mobile World Congress is staged on February 2013. The most likely scenario, experts said, is an exclusive Samsung event for the Galaxy S4.

Samsung would want to highlight the arrival of its replacement for the Galaxy S3, which by September 2012 has outpaced the iPhone as the world's bestselling smartphone, analysts said.

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