Samsung Galaxy S4 Rumors: Smart Phone to Feature Hand-Gesture Technology?


Numerous rumors have surrounded the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 in the past months but the latest one that surfaced on the internet could make the smart phone enthusiasts anticipate more. Samsung will reportedly incorporate the high-technology hand-gesture feature on the Galaxy S4.

The Korean news source DDaily claimed that the technology giant plans to install the Atmel maxTouch Series Touch which supports hand gestures within the display screen range. Samsung's high-technology feature will allow the Galaxy S4 users move their fingers above the screen to execute actions on the smart phone without making any contact.

Though the new Atmel chip will purportedly be used on Samsung Galaxy S4, the high-tech feature still offers minimum power consumption with a much better performance and flexibility like answering phone calls or scrolling the device. The hand-gesture technology can be helpful when hands are sweaty or winter gloves are worn making it difficult to scroll on the screen.

With the touch-free feature available, the Galaxy S4 users can just simply hold the smart phone and use hand movements to operate it. The touch-free gestures on Samsung Galaxy S4 would work with the use of infrared proximity sensors as well as cameras that will interpret the hand movements without touching the smart phone.

The advanced technology will allow for a multitude of signal driven applications and the use of super thin sensing electrodes such as the Indium Tin Oxide (ITO). These sensitive electrodes will invisibly combine the central processors, graphics processors and other functions.

Samsung has not confirmed or denied the hand-gesture technology rumor on Samsung Galaxy S4. The technology giant has not officially released any Galaxy S4 launch information or phone specifications and the company declines to give comments on the rumors.

"We don't comment on rumors or speculation," a Samsung spokesperson stated.

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