Samsung Galaxy S4: Owner Wakes Up to Burning Smell of Android Smartphone, Rival HTC Offers One M8 as Replacement

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A Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone owner, identified as Reddit user TweektheGeek, shared the story about the Android device burning up on social media. The incident reached the South Korean technology giant but failed to replace the owner's smartphone so rival company HTC entered the picture and made an offer that cannot be refused.

The smartphone owner shared that the burning smell of his Samsung Galaxy S4 woke up him. The Android device, with the original Samsung battery and charger, started to melt while charging overnight. Click HERE to see photo of the damaged Samsung Galaxy S4.

The unnamed owner further recounted that he contacted Samsung and told the company about the incident. Reddit user TweektheGeek revealed that he was promised to receive a smartphone replacement as well as an empty box where the damaged phone will be placed when sent back to the company.

However, the owner only received the empty box and never got his replacement phone. The owner tried several times to get in touch with the company but revealed that his complaints were ignored.  

According to the VRZone report, HTC USA Product Manager Leigh Momii saw TweektheGeek's story on Reddit and responded to the post to help him with his smartphone problem. The HTC Product Manager offered the owner with a free HTC One M8 as a replacement for the damaged Samsung Galaxy S4. If Samsung did send the replacement smartphone that they promised, the condition that HTC set for the user is to sell Samsung's replacement phone and donate the money earned to charity.  

This is not the only burning incident that happened to a Samsung Galaxy S4. In the REM report, another owner identified as 13-year-old Ariel Tolfree woke up to the burning smell of the deformed Samsung Galaxy S4 beneath her pillow.

Samsung explained that heat built up in Ariel's smartphone because having the device under the pillow cuts off air circulation causing the heat stack and setting it on fire. The Tolfree family confessed that a battery replacement was done on Ariel's Samsung Galaxy S4 apparently coming from a third party battery provider.

In Ariel's case, Samsung still agreed to replace the damaged Samsung Galaxy S4 with a new phone. The report further revealed that the company has agreed as well to replace Ariel's bedding and pay for the other damages.

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