Samsung Galaxy S4 New Rumors: Release Date and Price Surfaced

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New rumors on the successor of Samsung's best-selling smartphone Galaxy S3 emerged with whispers pertaining to its upcoming release date and tag price.

There are high expectations for the Samsung Galaxy S4 as the Galaxy S3 has sold over 30 million units in just about six months of being on the market. Samsung will look to keep pace with the Galaxy S4 which will more than likely replace the Galaxy S3 as Samsung's flagship smartphone and one that will do battle with not only the iPhone 5 but the iPhone 5S as well.

New reports claimed that Samsung Galaxy S4 will be released in mid-2013, probably around April. Another rumor has suggested that Samsung might be announcing the Galaxy S4, known as Project J, in April. If true, it would mean that Samsung would likely be using its own event for the announcement, an announcement that would come a month earlier than last year's May Galaxy S3 unveiling.

The price of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is based on the current state of the smartphone market and based on Samsung's last releases. One can expect that the rumored smartphone will cost just like its predecessor; while we can expect a slash on the prices of Samsung Galaxy S3.

New rumors are swirling around the successor of Samsung's flagship phone Samsung Galaxy S3 that it will be equipped with two quad-core processors that could make it the first eight-core smartphone on the market as well as a full HD display similar to HTC Droid DNA's.

The rumors were first reported by the Korean news agency EETimes, the two quad-core chips will not be identical, however. Instead, one will be more powerful than the other, and system processes would be allocated to either chip in what should be a more energy-efficient manner.

It was previously reported that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will sport a 5-inch full HD display with full 1080p and a whopping 440 pixels per inch. The Galaxy S4 might also sport a 13-megapixel rear-facing camera, which will intimate other smartphones with 8MP back shooters.

The handset should come with a minimum of 2GB RAM, although there are reports that Samsung is testing an unidentified smartphone with 3GB RAM.

Samsung also began mass producing 128GB memory chips for smartphones and tablets earlier this year, and we could see storage capacities that high as early as next year. With this, the Samsung will continue its reign in producing devices with large storage capacity.

However, Samsung kept mum on the rumors surrounding the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4. There is no official comment from the South Korea's tech giant.

On the other hand, good news to all Samsung Galaxy S3 users, the company started rolling out the official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update for the international version of Samsung Galaxy S3 over-the-air.

The new Androidv4.1.2 Jelly Bean update brings some of the amazing Samsung Galaxy Note 2 features to the Galaxy S3. The build number of the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update for Samsung Galaxy S3 is "JZOO54K," and it packs the highly-anticipated Multi View multitasking system, the famous method to run applications simultaneously on the same screen.

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