Samsung Galaxy S4: Is it a Nexus 4 Near-Clone? New Image Render Shows

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Edge-to-edge screen seems to be the norm these days and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 was not spared being the subject of oversized anticipation and limitless imagination for those with too much time on their hands.

Well thanks to them we have this new image render of the Galaxy S4, courtesy of AndroidPit, that shows off the Samsung smartphone still a sleek handset. But easily noticeable is the artist's fascination with the Google Nexus 4, thus the striking resemblance.

Gone completely is the Samsung Galaxy design DNA so we can assume that the designer is a big fan of Samsung phones but not how the firm is building its gadgets.

The published S4 render is Nexus 4 in all respects - the front, the back cover and the interface is dominated by black, a theme that is hardly present on any Galaxy handsets these days.

The dream specs pretty much fit with that we've seen in the past weeks: the Exynos Octa 5 8-core processor that spins to a high of 1.5GHz plus 2GB of RAM, a 5-inch 1080p screen display, a 13MP rear cam and the latest mix of JellyBean 4.2 and Samsung's very own TouchWiz skin.

What can be seen as a smart interpretation is the retention of the Galaxy S3 slab size while fitting in the wider screen of the S4, hence the edge-to-edge screen and making for a handset that is relieved of the expected bulk due to the display upgrade.

If this rendition will prove close to the real thing, we'll see soon as Samsung is believed to reveal what stuff the Galaxy S4 is really made of on March 14 in New York, the latest rumours said.

The Verge reported that Samsung will spring a giant surprise, hinting that speculations that have been whirling about the S4 for some time are even close to what will be seen on D-Day.

We'll see about that. Regardless, the anticipation building up for the Galaxy S4 is in line with Samsung's intent of drawing as much attention as possible for its next superphone, which the company intends to ship out in very large numbers.

Reports pointed to Samsung's long-term goal of selling 100 million Galaxy S4s before the successor romps around. And the near-term is equally ambitious: pushing out at least 10 million units in the immediate months following the S4's commercial debut.

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