Samsung Galaxy S4 Issues Surface: Hacked Device, Frozen Screen, Wi-Fi Problems, Workarounds and Fixes

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 has been named one of the most powerful smartphones to date. Millions of people have bought the device. However, despite the positive reviews, there are also several reported problems concerning the device. Some of the reported issues include frozen screen and Wi-Fi problems. There are several fixes and workaround users can use to address these problems. 

According to a report from The Droid Guy, various users have been reporting problems with their Samsung Galaxy S4 devices. Among the most prevalent include a frozen screen. Users cannot switch between applications. Likewise, the battery icon also comes on and off. Initially, users should see whether it is a battery problem. To address this problem follow these steps:

1.       Turn off the device. Remove the battery and put it back.

2.       Turn on the device and check if the problem persists.

3.       If the device works just fine, charge the battery to make sure it has enough charge.

4.       If the problem persists, users may need to buy a new battery. 

There are also users concerned about getting their devices repaired. Some expressed concerns about whether their phones got hacked or if there a way to know if the phone was tampered. For users who failed to put a security code on their devices while getting repaired, doing a factory reset should be a good option. 

Anyone who wishes to tamper on a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone may have to install apps to configure settings and other information. One way to prevent codes or apps from doing anything on the device is to do a factory or master reset. Third party applications will be deleted in the process. Likewise, default apps will be restored to their normal settings. 

Users should back up all their data before doing a factory reset. Doing a factory reset will erase all settings and information. 

Another common problem among Samsung Galaxy S4 users is failure to connect to a Wi-Fi connection. Some owners reported failing to connect after accessing another Wi-Fi connection outside their home networks.  One potential cause is that the Auto Connect option may have been ticked off. Even if the network has been saved, this can still happened. Go to Wi-Fi Advanced Settings and check the Auto Connect box.

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