Samsung Galaxy S4: Expect These Power Features on March 14

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The invites are out and by March 14 the world will get a glimpse of what mettle the Samsung Galaxy S4 is made of, possibly answering this question: What new smartphone capabilities do we get to see?

Rumours swirling for months now pretty much define the basic S4 make up: a quad-core handset that will be powered by either an Exynos or Qualcomm CPU with the latest Android vanilla allowing its smooth interaction with users.

But more compelling for Samsung and Android fans it's the thought of getting a grip of a handset that delivers new mobile experience - either never seen before or at least representing fresh twists of previous phone features that we've learned to love.

Here's a quick rundown of hot servings that could come in the complete Galaxy S4 package:

Superb camera phone

The 2013 standard for camera snappers seem settled on 13MP sensors but as expected Samsung is pushing the limits on this respect. Apart from giving in to consumers' whims of higher pixels, the tech giant poured so much effort to rollout a top-notch shooter with the S4.

It is likely that Samsung will lump better cam functions for its new flagship, which reports said will be called Samsung Orb. Picture this as the updated version of Photo Sphere, the well-loved camera app that is part of stock Android versions.

More Premium Suite delights

The Galaxy Note 8.0 was unwrapped Sunday and Samsung followers were given a preview of the tweaks that will be unfurled via the Premium Suite, arguably the one thing that has endeared the Galaxy Note 2 and the Galaxy S3 to global consumers.

The new Samsung phablet showcased the improvements there are in the Suite - Flipboard, Reading Mode, Smart Remote and a host of other features that make the S4 a complete device tool, likely leaving its owner naked without it.

Besides these wow additions, Samsung would fulfil many dreams should the S4 come with wireless charging ability out of the box. No more accessories to buy, no more modifications as users would be thankful to simply enjoy the new Samsung phone getting reenergised while resting on a charging plate that Samsung itself has provided.

And while the Asian tech titan is at it, why not throw in better NFC. Surely, Droid Life said, the giant that it is Samsung is more than able to secure deals with credit card processors that will allow Galaxy S4 owners to use the handset as extension of their wallets.

Solid phone security

The Galaxy S3 was flying off the shelves by the millions and the same can be expected of its new sibling. More users mean more opportunities for possible breach. Samsung intends to fully embrace all possible customers by configuring its mobile device to function with the best security available. In doing so, the company aims to lure enterprise users taking after the mould that has largely contributed to BlackBerry's success.

Samsung's take on this matter is encased in a project called Samsung SAFE, Droid Life said. "Thanks to their newly announced KNOX solution ... Samsung now provides ultra-secure, enhanced application security and industry leading MDM control," the tech side added. Now this is maximum gadget enjoyment with a bonus - peace of mind.

Smooth global rollout

Samsung is ubiquitous and the company has proven that. For the Galaxy S4, the company is expected to push for a simultaneous global launch, at least in key markets around the world. Indeed, buyers in Australia, Canada, the United States, Asia-Pacific, Europe and other regions would appreciate the fact that they'll relish the new handset within the same timeframe.

And if possible, with no major price difference, which is a major concern for Aussies who have been bearing the brunt of higher prices for any goods tagged as tech products.

At any rate, the new Galaxy S4 is slated to debut on early April with its Full HD 1080p screen display stretched at 5-inch with the all the necessary muscles in the guts for a snappy mobile phone gusto.

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