Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 5: 7 Reasons Why Apple is Confident to Win Smartphone Race


Samsung Galaxy S3 released last May 31 became an overnight sensation when it wowed the public with its amazing features and specifications. However, Apple is still confident that it will be light years ahead of the race.

Reports say that the Galaxy S3 already overtakes iPhone 4S' records. Samsung Galaxy S3 was launched the device in 28 countries. The device is already for sale right after the media event in Sydney hoping to maintain its lead against rival Apple's iPhone 5, which is predicted to be released in October. Different Australian networks are already offering the device. Telstra, Vodafone and Optus are the three major networks in Australia. Telstra, Vodafone, Optus and Virgin Mobile are now accepting pre-orders for the new Samsung mobile phone. The price of the device differs in each network. There are other retailers where you can buy Samsung Galaxy S3.

However, Apple remained confident that it will prevail in the war among smartphones. Below are some of the reasons why Apple will still claim as the top spot on the release of its 2012 flagship phone - iPhone 5.

1. Samsung Galaxy S3 has poor design - Samsung made sure to highlight the 4.8inch screen of the new Galaxy S3. However, the slim bezel seemed a little off to some people as the device lacks flair. It seemed that Samsung did not put a lot of effort in thinking of the design of its flagship phone.

Apple's iPhone, on the other hand, continued in using Steve Jobs' minimalist design that gives off sense of sophistication and power needed by all walks of life. Black and white are considered as strong and business-like colors compared to Samsung playful yet subtle metallic blue.

2. It is all about reliability - When we buy an iPhone, we know that it is reliable since there are very few complaints on the device. Apple put a lot of effort from the conceptualization of the new features to the specs that will be included. Thus, iPhone seldom fail its users.

3. Uniform operating system - Samsung has a wide array of mobile phones to ensure that they have a device for each market. In relation to this, they also have a variety of operating systems used in their gadgets such as Android and Windows. This third party OS is a disadvantage for Samsung because they rely on the OS company updates to match their devices with.

Apple, on the other hand, has its own operating system that they update everytime they are releasing a device. Moreover, they can develop features that aligned with the mobile operating system because they are in total control with every aspect of the device - inside and out.

4. Loyal consumers - Apple manage to develop a strong hold on its market in different countries which is its advantage over the rival company. The company developed the method wherein consumers can trade their old devices to avail discount in purchasing the new device.

5. Rumors help build anticipation - Apple is very secretive when it comes to the new features and specs of its device.  These unconfirmed rumors urged a guessing game about the device that increase the public's anticipation for its release. Moreover, the articles about the suspected features create hundreds of articles that make the device more popular.

6. Collaboration with selected companies - Samsung works with other companies like Google and Windows for their operating system. Apple only works or collaborate with very few and selected companies. For example, Instagram became big despite being iOS-exclusive app. However, because being a high quality app, the company expanded in no time.

7. Constant innovation - One good characteristic of Apple is it always innovate its devices and every year they upgrade their gadgets to satisfy consumers' needs.

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