Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Galaxy S4: Old Android Phone or the 2013 Flagship for Newbies? [VIDEO, PHOTOS]

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Samsung Galaxy S3 is an "old Android phone" for the early adopters. But for many smartphone newbies, the S3 and Galaxy S4 don't seem to be too different. Which one should you get between two successive Samsung flagship phones?

Phone shoppers upgrading after a couple of years tend to get lost in a big sea of "latest phones." Samsung, being one of the most trusted brands and biggest in the industry, is a frequent go-to place to make a final choice. But choosing between Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 is not very easy for today's phone shoppers. Here are some of the top shopping factors you might want to consider:

Price. In Australia's MobiCity, Samsung Galaxy S3 costs $489.95(16 GB 4G LTE). In contrast, the Galaxy S4 costs $699.95 (i9505 4G LTE 16GB). $210 is a decent amount savings if you are not a heavy phone user.

CPU, Memory and Storage. Some Samsung Galaxy S4 editions come with octa-core CPU. (Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 16GB, $709.95 at MobiCity). The S4 also has twice the RAM of the S3's 1 GB. Both devices' storage can be expanded up to 64GB with a microSD card. If you're not a mobile gamer, and you don't regularly watch videos using your phone, the 2012 Samsung flagship phone is already good in itself.

Screen Display. If you're upgrading your Android phone to enjoy a more spectacular screen display, here's why you'll spend more cash. Samsung Galaxy S4 features a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels in its bigger 5-in screen. Compare that to 1280 x 720p on a smaller 4.8-in screen, and you will know which way to go. However, it might do you well to really compare the two phones side by side. Samsung takes good care of its colour saturation, so the older phone could look stunning enough for you.

Weight and Form. Samsung was heavily criticised when the S4 was launched. A lot of reviewers pointed out the Korean tech giant missed an important chance to show off some revolutionary and sophisticated design this year. Still, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is slimmer (by 0.7 mm) and lighter (by 5 g) than its predecessor.

Camera. It is 8MP vs 13MP in favour of the Samsung Galaxy S4. If you're thinking of getting rid of your point-and-shoot camera, the S3 is not a bad choice at all. The S4 is for indulgence that you can afford to miss if you're not professionally printing your photos, anyway.

Once you have prioritised your Android phone requirements, choosing the right device will be an easier task. Ultimately, you go with Samsung Galaxy S4 if you simply want the "newest." New, however, does not last long these days. Next year, a Galaxy S5 is expected, and it is predicted to be a lot better than the S3.

Scroll down to play Android Authority's S3 vs S4 video on YouTube. Start the slideshow for the still images.

VIDEO: Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Galaxy S3 (Android Authority)

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