Samsung Galaxy S3, Other Android-Powered Smartphones can now Flush Your Toilet

By @ibtimesau on

Are you too lazy to flush the toilet? Are you too hygienic to lift the seat yourselves? No problem. Now, there's even an Android app for that.

The Japanese proves ahead of the curve with the automating how we live our human lives. Japanese manufacturer Lixil unveiled Satis Three Spring 2013, its latest reinvention of the toilet seat.

Now, your toilet could be operated with a tap on your smartphone with "My Satis" installed on your Android-powered smartphone. It also comes with the much touted "tankless" feature. On top of that, if you are compulsively hygienic, the new toilet seat model from Lixil also comes with new washing method

You can download the "My Satis" app January next year, to remote control the toilet seat. The app allows users "to flush, raise the toilet seat, and activate a bidet jet stream with the touch of a button."

The remote control feature connects your smartphone to your toilet seat using Bluetooth connectivity.

Using your smartphone, you can calculate how much water and electricity you consume with each use. The app also features your usage history, stored in the internal part of the toilet. Using the data, you can now approximate your electricity and water bill.

The wackiest feature is the "diary toilet." Packaged as a "fun health management," it records the status of your bowel movement daily!

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