Samsung Galaxy S3 Latest Ad Mocks the iPhone Apple Maps Application [PHOTOS]

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Samsung's Australian marketing team came up with an ad that mocks the Apple Maps application flaw.

In Sydney, Samsung recently took a swipe at Apple when they set up a tent with some camping equipment, a muddy road vehicle and a sign that read "Oops, should have gotten a Samsung Galaxy S III. Get navigation you can trust."

Apparently, the Samsung ad is a response to Apple's humiliation after the police warned travelers not to use Apple Maps in Mildura, Victoria for the software incorrectly located the town inside Australia's Murray-Sunset National Park which is 43 miles (70 kilometers) away from Mildura's real location. People were unfortunately stranded and life-threatened in the scorching heat for hours due to the software's error.

Google Maps users should still be precautious with the chances of experiencing the same flaw. Melbourne police confirmed that Google's software is also causing trouble for some travelers.

According to ABC News report, Google Maps has been leading all vehicles including trucks and buses to a narrow one-way road near the Great Ocean Road.

"The track wasn't built for heavy vehicles and that the error is a significant safety issue for tourists and locals," Sergeant Nick Buenen told ABC News.

After the extensive media coverage surrounding the application flaw, Apple was quick to repair the mistake that happened in Mildura, Victoria. The life-threatening concern has already been addressed, fixed and certified to a double listing in the national GPS database.

The local Australian police continue in encouraging the travelers that they should rely on paper maps or a different GPS system in order to avoid getting stranded in a dangerous location.

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