Samsung Galaxy S3 Hack in 10 Minutes for Wireless Charging

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The upcoming Galaxy S4 is rumoured to sport wireless charging capability but those who can hardly wait for the next Samsung flagship smartphone launch and happen to own the million-selling Galaxy S3 can actually enjoy this feature in advance.

A recent collaboration between CNET and an XDA Developers forum members led to a 'hack' that will allow S4 users to reenergise their handset in the same manner that Nokia Lumia 920 and Google Nexus 4 can do.

All they need is around 10 minutes of focused work for the exciting experiment that will require a cash setback of $US25.

The core material to be used is the museum piece Palm Pixi Touchstone, specifically its charging dock, back cover and the proprietary wall adapter and USB cable. The latter, according to CNET's Sharon Vaknin, cannot be replaced with other variants to ensure that the modification will work as intended.

The instructions are detailed on this link:, but thanks to Ms Vaknin the steps were pretty much simplified and are viewable here:

What you'll see are steps and images leading to the 'radical transformation' of the Palm's charging dock, allowing it to accommodate the Galaxy S3 by the end of the relatively simple hacking process.

Ms Vaknin also provided troubleshooting tips in case the tweaks failed to produce the programmed result.

The work is a good alternative as we wait for the Galaxy S4 debut, which reports said Samsung intends to start selling by early to mid-April this year but not before an 'unwrapping event', likely to be staged on March 22.

Consumers are eagerly waiting for the arrival of the chief iPhone rival, which apart from wireless charging has been rumoured to sport unbreakable screen and eight-core processing power.

Upbeat that the S4's more powerful attributes will meet global consumers' expectations, Samsung is reportedly targeting to ship out more than 10 million units of the handset in hopes of surpassing the S3's record sales of 40 million units in the shortest time possible.

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