Samsung Galaxy S3 Gets Premium Suite Upgrade via Jelly Bean Update [VIDEOS]

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Popular handset Samsung Galaxy S3 received a Premium Suite upgrade similar to the tablet Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, which brings features previously exclusive to the company's phablet Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

The Premium Suite upgrade for the device comes via the Android v4.1.2 Jelly Bean update, which the mobile tech giant rolled out last week.

One of the features found in the Premium Suite include a system for predicting future actions called Page Buddy. For example, plug in headphones and have the music player start automatically. Contextual menu is also a feature added in the device, which places your most frequently used options closer to the top.

Other upgrades over a stock Android handset include a contextual tagging system which extends the geo-location feature of the Android camera app with the ability to add details on the date, location and even the weather.

The most-loved multi-window feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is now available to the Samsung Galaxy S3. The multi-window system allows the device to have two applications to be opened side-by-side - a great use of the Galaxy S3's high-resolution display.

The system gets an upgrade to the in-built browser to make text size easily customizable and page sharing faster, a new Auto Share Shot mode for the camera that allows pictures to be quickly transferred to devices supporting S-Beam or other near-field communication (NFC) capabilities, and a Facebook news ticker for the lock-screen.

In the second part of the teasers for the Premium Suite upgrade, Samsung introduced "Powerful Multimedia" that focus on camera and photo editing features of the device. One of the features included is Paper Artist that allows users to decorate their photos. Samsung also boasts the conveniences it offered to people with disability.

The Android v4.1.2 Jelly Bean update roll out started in Poland and the over-the-air update will make its way round countries worldwide in the coming days and weeks. Other European territories expected to receive it in the near future.

The build number of the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update for Samsung Galaxy S3 is "JZOO54K" and is now available OTA. If the software update cannot be found in the notifications area, you can update your Samsung Galaxy S3 to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean JZOO54K by connecting the terminal to Kies or OTA, by manually checking for the update for the latter method. Just go to Settings > About Device > Software Update > Check for Updates and see whether the new firmware has rolled out for your device.

You should keep in mind that the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update for Samsung Galaxy S3 will roll out gradually; therefore, it will not be available all on the markets in the same time.

If you bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 via carriers, there is a chance that the latest update will be delayed since networks usually tests the files themselves to make sure they work with any custom software tweaks before allowing the updates to reach their customers. Consumers may need to wait for days weeks or even months before this new update hits some of the carrier-branded Galaxy S3 models.

As the update rolls out, it will be made available to all Samsung Galaxy S3 owners free of charge, either as an over-the-air update or using Samsung's own KIES updating software.

Watch the two part teasers of Samsung on the Premium Suite upgrade for Samsung Galaxy S3 below. 

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