Samsung Galaxy S3 Full Specs and Features, Release and Price: Why is it Perfect for Australians?


Samsung Australia just unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S3, which is its greatest mobile device to date. This device suits the Aussies and their needs.

Samsung bares it all at the launching event of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and rolled the detailed features and specifications of the device. Samsung said that the new Galaxy phone is designed for humans. Find out why?

Australians transcends messages through actions. They say Australians use their gestures and body language more often. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has voice and motion recognition that enables the phone to respond to the voice and actions of the user. The phone supports voice commands and an eye-movement tracking feature to keep the screen from dimming.

Moreover, the Galaxy S3 is equipped with the S-Voice, which is a Siri-like feature that allows users to use voice commands when using the phone. Its difference to Siri is it adapts to the voice of the user. Australians can open the device by simply saying "Hey, mate!" or "G'day." One of the problems with Siri is it responds to commands spoken in American accent. There are users who complained that Siri does not understand a word they are saying or doing actions that are incorrect.

Australians love music and hail performing artists. Thus, the populace will love the new music streaming service of the Galaxy S3 - Music Hub, which is an iTunes-like service that allows users to listen, buy and store tracks. Samsung said that the new service has 19 million songs in boot and it is still updating for newly-released tracks.

Aussies always love to share milestones in their lives. Thus, Galaxy S3 brings different ways to share your photos, thoughts and messages through Social Tag, S Beam, All Share Play and Buddy Photo Share. It seems like Samsung created its own social platform.

Samsung brought the All Share Play feature of Smart TV to its handset that combined the powers of DLNA and Wi-Fi Direct and gives users access to documents and multimedia files when you work on a different compatible screen somewhere else.

Australians like services to be fast and efficient and this is what Samsung did on the Galaxy S3. Equipped with quad-core processor, the device quickly transmits and receives data for the convenience of the user. It is the first device to use Wi-Fi channel that doubles the connection allowing faster connectivity.

Lastly, Australians are lovers of nature. Samsung derived inspiration from nature in creating the new Galaxy mobile phone that yields to it minimalist, organic design. The device is available in two chic and sophisticate colors - Marble White and Pebble Blue. The sounds and wallpapers are all taken from the environment giving it a soothing feel.

Samsung revealed that Australians will have to wait no more as they can already buy Samsung Galaxy S3 in retail stores and networks in Australia. Telstra, Vodafone and Optus are the three major networks in Australia. Vodafone and Optus immediately updated their websites and are accepting pre-orders for the new Samsung mobile phone. The price of the device differs in each network. There are other retailers where you can buy Samsung Galaxy S3

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