Samsung Galaxy S3: First Smartphone to Support HD Voice Over LTE


Samsung Galaxy S3 just keeps getting better. The Galaxy S3 will be the world's first Voice over LTE-enabled smartphone.

Samsung confirmed yesterday that its homeland South Korea will be the first country that will enjoy VoLTE services. South Korea's SK Telecom claimed that it will establish an HD Voice service on its 4G LTE network, surpassing US-based networks.

SK Telecom announced the service last Tuesday and consumers will start enjoying the VoLTE service later this month or early September. However, tech giant Samsung did not provide any indication as when the service will be available globally.

 "We will continue to work to quickly roll out VoLTE enabled products globally, providing the best LTE experience for our customers across the world, " said Samsung's Mobile Communications president JK Shin, in a statement,

The announcement and adoption of HD Voice over LTE is good news for the tech industry. The new service will drastically change the quality of the calls consumers make. Calls can finally reach HD-quality levels wherever 4G LTE is available.

The upgrade does not require any additional apps or hardware, instead arriving through a simple software update for existing Samsung Galaxy S3 owners.

With VoLTE, even age-old issues like dropped calls and delayed connections could become a thing of the past.

SK Telecom revealed that purchasers of the New Samsung Galaxy S3 will be equipped for HD Voice over LTE when they subscribe to the network.

SK Telecom's competitors, Korea Telecom and LG UPlus, will also roll out their own HD Voice over LTE services in October.

Apart from HD Voice Over LTE support, Samsung Galaxy S3 will also get an update on its mobile operating system. Samsung Galaxy S3 will enjoy an upgrade to Android's latest version 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Reports indicated that tech giant Samsung is currently testing its handsets with Android's latest version Jelly Bean. The upgrade will arrive at least two months from now. Samsung Galaxy S3 will get the update first around August or September, reports said.

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