Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 Problems Arise, Quick Fixes and More

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It has been quite some time after Samsung Galaxy S3 received the Android 4.3 update. Nonetheless, a number of users still reported experiencing problems with the update. According to some, their devices often lag and experience problems when opening multiple windows. Likewise, the phone also fails to reboot following download and old download notifications do not disappear. 

Fixing Multi-Window, Lag and Voice Command Problems 

The Droid Guy cited users having problems with their devices after Android 4.3. The device specifically lags if it is in Safe Mode or if the power-saving mode is not enabled. Camera voice commands also have issues. The commands cannot be activated when turned off. Other problems include missing wake up voice command in lock screen and lock screen shortcut. There were also users who reported having trouble activating the multi-window support of the device. 

The highly likely root cause of the problem is corrupted firmware data. Each problem can be solved individually although it might be easier to address everything at once by reverting to the previous OS. Users will also be better off to download and install another firmware. A factory reset should also be in order. If these solutions do not solve the problems then taking the device to the service provider is the next best solution. 

Rebooting Problems Following Update 

Some users also reported that while the entire update process follows through just fine, the final reboot does not come through.  When users reach the "use the encrypted device memory" portion, the device suddenly reboots. 

When this happens, users will be better off doing a factory reset. The primary cause of the problem is most likely a corrupt firmware as well. Doing a factory reset should turn the device back to the older operating system. It is best to get another firmware to download. 

Reappearing Old Notifications 

Users have also pointed out the notifications section of their devices following update. All previous download information deleted come back repeatedly. Even if users try to clear then, they will show up a few minutes later. To solve this, follow these steps (via The Droid Guy):

1.       Return to the Home Screen.

2.       Go to Menu and swipe to the left.

3.       Open Settings.

4.       Proceed to More tab.

5.       Look for and open Application Manager.

6.       Swipe to the left until the All tab contents are shown.

7.       Go to Download Manager.

8.       Open Clear Cache > Clear Data then confirm with OK. 

Reboot the device to refresh memory.

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