Samsung Galaxy Note, S2 to get Premium Suite Jelly Bean Update in Coming Weeks


Good news for Samsung Galaxy Note and S2 will receive Premium Suite upgrade via Jelly Bean update in the coming weeks.

Samsung Galaxy Note and S2 will soon receive some of the amazing features of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 such as multi-tasking features and great user interface.

Samsung is already developing the Premium Suite upgrade to the Jelly Bean upgrades for the Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note. Samsung Galaxy S3 already received Premium Suite gives the handsets Multi-Window, a mode that allows two apps to run onscreen at the same time. Premium Suite also includes improved camera features, and a couple new apps to spice up the operating system.

The Android's Jelly Bean update will introduce the Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note to the world of Jelly Bean with some modified extra features courtesy of Samsung. Project Butter will improve system performance by allocating processing power more efficiently and increasing the frame rate of the interface.

The Jelly Bean update will also give the Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note Google Now. A voice assistant many consider to be superior to Apple's Siri, Google Now can tell you how long your morning commute will be and what the weather is.

Samsung Galaxy S3 owners, on the other hand, will be delighted by the rumours flying that Androidv4.2 Jelly Bean update will be released on the first quarter of this year.

Samsung Galaxy S3 recently received the 4.1.2 version of Jelly Bean packed with Premium Suite. However, the international and unlocked versions of the smartphone will receive latest update of the OS.

The 4.2 version of the Android Jelly Bean is the improved upgrade of the OS and is expected to be an incremental update. The latest update will supposedly bring many new features in Android operating system. Some of such known features include improved Google functions, photo sphere, gesture enabled keyboard, Daydream and new settings options.

Samsung was expected to release the Jelly Bean upgrade a couple months ago but 2012 flew by without the trace of the upgrade. Instead, most statements from Samsung indicate a January rollout schedule for both handsets. Still, Samsung has put up official webpages detailing the Android upgrade for the Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note, meaning the release is quite in the near future.

If you cannot wait for the Over-The-Air or Kies update, you can download the Android 4.1.2 ROMs for the two smartphones. However, you may want to think twice before doing it as you do not want to risk your warranty. 

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