Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs iPhone 6: Specs Comparison and Which Should You Wait For this September?

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Samsung and Apple have been rivals following a patent dispute. Starting from the patent conflict, the competition has grown stiffer between the two companies - the competition is felt strongest among Apple and Samsung's products. Samsung is set to release the Galaxy Note 4 sometime soon same with Apple's iPhone 6. A comparison of the reported specs of both devices should give consumers a better insight on which they should go for. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has been considered as one of the best selling handsets until today. The device was released in September 2013 so many analysts expect Samsung to release the Note 4 in the same period. According to a report by Gamer Headlines, the Samsung Galaxy S5 came with water and dust proof capabilities. It should be no surprise these should their way to other Galaxy Note devices. 

Japanese blog also indicated that the Galaxy Note 4 may be among the first of Samsung products to run on 64-bit processor. Other reported features include AMOLED Ultra HD screen offering 3480 x 2160 pixels, 4GB RAM, 128GB internal memory and 3600-3800mAh battery. Gamer Headlines also predicted that Samsung may opt for a bendable display with improved casing. Smartphone manufacturers are now looking for more ways to differentiate handsets from competitors. Likewise, Samsung also announced before that it plans on producing a more stable phone. The manufacturer may start testing out a new casing system with the Galaxy Note 4. 

Apple iPhone 6 

Analysts like Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that Apple may release two versions of the iPhone 6: 4 and 5- models. According to a report by Alpha Wired, Apple may be planning on including more memory options in its next handset. These will include 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and even up to 128GB. 

Apple should continue with its 64-bit architecture.  There have been predictions about an improved A8 processor. Apple Insider has also reported a number of patents under Apple including a new power management system that allows the device to predict usage of the phone. The patent describes a system that can study a user's phone habits and adjusting device performance to extend battery life. 

The same website reported a slimmer design for the iPhone 6 with sapphire display and rounded edges. 

Samsung has produced its Galaxy series with a larger form factor than average smartphones. If Apple will follow a similar trend then the two companies can really compete in the phablet sector. However, Samsung has been a more experienced player in this sector while Apple will be testing it out for the first time. Rosenblatt Securities Managing Director Brian Blair said to Bloomberg that Apple has been focused on the high end sector but the company should be a contender in the bigger screen market. Consumers can decide which ones suit their preferences best once both devices hit the market. 

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