Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Top 5 Major Features: IP67 Rating, 64 GB Internal Space, Curved Display and Battery, OIS Camera, Retina Scanner

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Samsung has announced the Galaxy S5 and now people are looking into what the South Korean tech giant aims for Galaxy Note 4. Some features from S5 are expected to become a part of the fourth-gen Galaxy Note. So we listed down five important upgrades that Galaxy Note 4 will likely feature.

IP67 Certification

It is possible that Samsung will make the Galaxy Note 4 dust and water resistant similar to Galaxy S5. We remember that Galaxy Note 3 exterior leather-like design has been used for S5 which probably the same for Galaxy Note 4. But instead of crafting another variant such as "Active" for Note 4, we may see IP67 rating on the flagship version.

New Display and Battery

Galaxy Note 4 is as usual slightly larger than Note 3 in respect to tradition among Galaxy Note devices. However, we may not only see a Super AMOLED display screen but something totally different for the first time.

Samsung plans to release "bent" display screens and they already hinted out the possibility with Galaxy Round. According to Korean Herald, the company isn't only set to make bendable screens but also curved batteries to match the entire body of whichever device it could be.

Since the Galaxy Round is already available in the market, the Galaxy Note 4 may feature a slightly bendable screen, curved battery with dust and water resistance through a variant if not the flagship itself.

Improved Security

Early reports of retina scanning technology have been linked with the Galaxy S5 but Samsung only confirmed fingerprint sensor on the display. Retina scanner is still premature during the development of Galaxy S5 and may require more time to become stable or convenient for commercial use.

Although there is no confirmation yet, we can expect major security update on Note 4 based on historical improvements on Note 3 such as Samsung Knox and various exclusive Note apps. Galaxy Note series usually features something better than any Galaxy S devices.

Bigger Storage

Samsung made the Galaxy S5 compatible to microSD cards with 128 GB capacity which probably one of the first Android devices to do so. A 32 GB variant of S5 will also become available in the market soon.

But Apple already made iPhone models with 64 GB internal capacity which not impossible to happen on Galaxy Note 4. Consumers demands more storage on mobile devices nowadays due to bigger files such as HD videos and near 1 GB mobile apps from the online stores. Galaxy Note 4 may sport a 64 GB variant with 128 GB microSD card support giving owners a total of 192 GB storages and not to mention additional space via Cloud storage services.

More Camera Stabilisation

Even though Samsung did put video stabilisation for the S5, there is no optical image stabilisation as default unlike on Nexus 5. Due to some issues of components to create a camera with OIS feature, Samsung delayed the module which can be done during the time of Galaxy Note 4. It is a great wonder to own a device featuring both Optical Image and Video Stabilisations at the same time.

The Galaxy Note 4 is likely to be announced in the IFA 2014 event at Berlin, Germany around the same time of Galaxy Note 3 with expected market release in the following month.

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