Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on Release Date Will Bring 12MP Camera Plus Optical Image Stabilisation

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Customers Attend a Workshop About the Samsung Galaxy S5 in Jakarta
Customers attend a workshop about the Samsung Galaxy S5 in Jakarta, April 11, 2014. REUTERS

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on release date is reported to bring Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) and 12 MP sensor rear camera.

For the past years, IOS has turned out to be very popular feature in the smartphone community. Unfortunately, only few of the manufactures and developers are able and prepared to implement this technology. Very few companies are brave enough to do this kind, such as Sony and LG.

Now, Samsung is also rumoured to produce an OIS-enabled camera. The Galaxy Note 3 is initially designed to have an OIS shooter but the Korean tech giant discarded this plan because of production and supply concerns.

Positively, even though Samsung didn't continue to do add the OIS to its smartphones, it was still able to produce a new type of camera with the Galaxy S5, dubbed ISOCELL. It also rumoured that the same camera will be put into the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which is assumed to be released soon, but according to the latest report the Samsung's forthcoming phablet could feature a different shooter altogether.

Newest rumours also assumed that Samsung might make the amount of MP on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 camera up to 20 MP. The smartphone has been seen in AnTuTu in both of its version, Snapdragon and Exynos, and it looks like that the phablet has a 16 MP camera, probably like the ISOCELL family.

There is a newest released report conveyed by the Korean media, saying that Samsung will really implement a 12 MP main camera with OIS, also a 3.7 MP front-facing sensor for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

The report also states that Samsung and its partners have already made and planned the production facilities where the 12 MP unit will be manufactured.

According to the report, one of the reasons why Samsung chose to produce only a 12 MP camera instead of a 20 MP is assumed to be because Samsung wants to keep the Galaxy Note 4 as thins as it can, while also having OIS on it.

Not only that, the report also mentioned that Samsung is planning to use the 20 MP camera developed by its "Advanced Development Team" is primarily meant for the Samsung Galaxy S6.

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