Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Release Date Update: 4 Feature Upgrades That Really Matter

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 concept image
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 concept image Jermaine Smit via ConceptiPhon

It is expected that a few weeks following the Galaxy Note 4 intro on September 3 via the 2014 IFA gadget show in Berlin, Samsung would go for the device's immediate release date.

So it's fair to say that before September ends, many hands would be playing around with the flagship phablet.

The giant phone is rumored to bring superlative specs and features, making it worthy opponent for Apple's iPhone 6, but given below are the likely upgrades that end-users should really care about:

Super AMOLED display technology

Too much hype has been written about the Note 4 display that numerous reports said will keep its 5.7-inch screen profile but with a boosted Quad HD panel or QHD. The likelihood is the phone will be the first flagship to beam out clips and images in 2K resolution.

But really what is most impressive about the upcoming phablet's front panel is Super AMOLED, which has been a mainstay on all Galaxy hero devices in the past few year. Recently, AMOLED again hogged the limelight as the technology was extended by Samsung to its premium Galaxy S Tab line.

Through the tablets, Samsung highlighted the features that separate AMOLED from LCD. There is no doubt that the Note 4 will again tote an AMOLED screen, which means the device will boast of a display panel that has a full pumped up reaction speed, higher contrast level for clearer and more detailed display rendering, better viewing angles and more accurate colour.

This is according to the Samsung Super AMOLED infographic that Phone Arena first published.

Big but slim and light

The smartphone trend compass point to taller and wider screen - for consumers these days, bigger is better as it means better viewing space and more navigational room for all sorts of mobile device functions.

Somehow, this seems to be the core design consideration for the iPhone 6 that speculations say will have a stretched screen at 5.5-inch but with slimmed down build. The Apple device will be big, thin and light at the same time.

To counter this, it is wise for Samsung to keep the 5.7-inch Note 4 profile but the Galaxy maker needs to make sure that the device will be comfy to use by deploying with it a large screen that is housed in a lean and paperweight casing.

Bloat-free TouchWiz

It is next to impossible that Samsung will ditch TouchWiz and opt for a stock instead for the Galaxy Note 4. However, the company can surely trim down the Android skin's weight and stick to features that Sammy would actually want to use.

According to Droid Life, a TouchWiz on the Note 4 that is virtually free from bloatwares would not only beautify the device interface but also would speed up and stabilize everything - making the phablet more delightful to use.

Expanded S-Pen functions

True, Samsung has resurrected the stylus that Steve Jobs had consigned to oblivion but the tool appears to be running out of steam and novelty. In the same Droid Life report, the idea of redesigning the S-Pen and giving it more functions was floated.

Apart from its current use as mostly an electronic writing instrument, why not make the S-Pen a remote or gaming controller, which Droid Life said should convince more users to pull the tool out of the holster.

As mentioned, buyers will not wait too long for the Galaxy Note 4 release date to happen right after its IFA Berlin debut as the device will likely start rolling out in the last week of September, precisely to preempt Apple's iPhone 6 launch.

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