Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on Release Date Tipped to Reveal 4 Killer Feature Upgrades from Galaxy S5

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 concept image
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 concept image Jermaine Smit via ConceptiPhon

On its release date this 2014, the benchmark for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the Galaxy S5 and most of the killer features the former will display are designed to upstage the latter.

True enough, a version of the GS5 is now in the testing stage, according to SamMobile, and the device reportedly features new mobile capabilities that are absent from the first 2014 Samsung flagship.

The same GS5, said the same report, has a base software that is labelled as Android 4.4.3 or the latest KitKat build that is currently rolling out but is yet to reach the Galaxy S5. A quick check on GSM Arena showed that the Galaxy S4 sequel debuted with KitKat 4.4.2.

In short, the SamMobile report points to a GS5 that is not commercially available. Experts would call the device a prototype and its existence is mainly to prepare for the real-world deployment of Samsung-exclusive mobile phone features that are set for unleashing soon.

The same features, of course, will manifest in a fresh handset and as far as Sammy fans are concerned, there is no other candidate than Note 4.

So in a few months from now, the smartphone functionalities below can be expected from the Galaxy Note 3 successor and these features, as claimed by SamMobile, are good as confirmed:

Fingerprint scanner levelled up

In the Galaxy S5, Samsung took the same route that Apple had introduced with the Touch ID-toting iPhone 5S. Fingerprint reader technology, however, in the GS5 was greeted with mixed reviews and the prevailing sentiment is - it fell short of expectations.

Well it appears that Samsung is listening to the mounting criticisms and is taking heed. In the Note 4, the feature will boasts of enhancement and to drive home the point it will be rebranded as 'Smart Fingerprint'. It promises to be spot on for the fourth-gen Sammy phablet this time around.

Note 4 'always listens'

At least when tapped swiped, that is. This gesture-based feature, SamMobile said, will wake up the Note 4 from slumber and will prompt the device to launch apps into action, the names of which are subject to pre-configurations.

Picture the device with its screen turned off but is instantaneously animated with the swipe of a finger or a stroke of the S-Pen then offering apps or actions that users may want to perform. Samsung thought of calling this upcoming feature as 'Swipe-To-Launch Motion Launcher'.

Breakneck wireless connection speed

As anticipated, the Note 4 is touching down with the latest Wi-Fi and cellular chips available. The object is for Note 4 users to access the Internet with the strongest signal possible but the device is going the extra to jack up download speed.

In order to effectively cut the time download, the upcoming Note 4 will offer the option of using Wi-Fi and LTE signals at the same, which is an actual device feature that on debut time will be called 'Multi-Network for Booster'.

Waterproof jumbo smartphone

The Galaxy S5 came out with water repelling features so it is hardly a surprise if the Note 4 will enjoy the same or higher level of protection of element intrusion. Along that line, the latest in the Galaxy Note phablet series will include 'Aqua Capture' that SamMobile said is an improvement of feature that Samsung had packed with the Galaxy S4 Active.

In the GS4 Active, users have the privilege of recording clips and images on their ruggedly-designed smartphone while underwater and Samsung though it wise to extend the same feature to would-be Galaxy Note 4 buyers.

Touted as shoo-ins, these killer features are to banner the Galaxy Note 4 release date that traditionally coincides with the IFA Berlin gadget showcase, slated in the first week of September 2014.

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