Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Release Date Confirmed for 2014 IFA on Sept with Galaxy Gear 2 – Reports

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 concept image
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 concept image Jermaine Smit via ConceptiPhon

The Galaxy Note 4 release date this 2014 is likely the highlight anew of the IFA Berlin gadget showcase 2014 edition on September with Samsung 'confirming' the plan, new reports said.

And in the same manner that the Galaxy Note 3 was launched in late 2013, the fourth-gen flagship phablet from the South Korean tech giant will hit the market with a companion smartwatch - the Galaxy Gear 2, according to The Korea Herald.

"As the Note 4 is expected to be unveiled during the IFA 2014 electronics trade show in September, the Gear 3 will likely hit the shelves worldwide around the same time," said the Korean publication.

The same report also indicated that details about the Gear 2 is scarce at the moment but the likelihood is it will bring to the table considerable feature bump ups from the first Galaxy Gear that according to analysts was a monumental flop.

It is expected too that Samsung's 2014 flagship smartwatch will boast of stand-alone features apart from its key design of being paired with the Note 4 and other high-end Sammy devices. One anticipated feature is a SIM slot that possibly will equip the Gear with call and messaging functions that are independent from its partner devices.

The Korea Herald also noted that most of the features packed with the Gear 2 will be essentially previewed by the Gear Solo timepiece, which the publication said will be released ahead of the former, presumably between July and August 2014.

The leaked twin debut for the Note 4 and Gear 2 appears to make sense as Samsung is deliberately advancing its release calendar for its phablet and smartwatch offerings due to tightening competition, a Korean analyst told The Korea Herald.

At around the same period of its release, the Gear 2 will have to slug it out with the likes of Moto 360 and other Android-based smartwatches. Apple is also rumoured to join the competition with its iWatch though the wearable device may not be ready until the last quarter of 2014 or until the early months of 2015.

As for the Note 4, the jumbo smartphone will launch with the 5.5-inch LG G3 already in store shelves. Another rival is the supersized iPhone 6 variant that according to analysts will have a display panel stretching into 5.5-inch.

Still, according to Business Insider, the fourth edition of the original phablet will distinguish itself by sporting a curved or bendable display that will add up to the device's durability factor and other premium functionalities such as multiple viewing angles.

In numerous renders, the Note 4 has been envisioned with an all-screen front panel that is highlighted by a three-sided screen.

On its release date, the Galaxy Note 4 is expected to showcase the latest Snapdragon or Exynos processing chips with the possibility of joining the 64-bit mobile computing bandwagon. Out of the box, the giant phone will be powered by Android 4.5 that is layered, of course, by Samsung's TouchWiz skin.

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