Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Release Date is 3rd Sept 2014: 4 Things to Know

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 concept image
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 concept image Jermaine Smit via ConceptiPhon

The Galaxy Note 4 release date, as the previous editions were, is rumoured to take place on September 2014 but a new report claims to have pinpointed the exact date - Sept 3.

In an exclusive report, Android Geeks boldly shared the latest info about the fourth generation phablet from Samsung - that unboxing of the device will again happen in September and likely will coincide anew with the 2014 version of the IFA Berlin gadget showcase.

The event will be dubbed as Unpacked2 2014, said the same report, adding that invites for tech journalists are scheduled for distribution in the third week of August.

How credible the report is? Android Geeks proudly reminds that its Sammy insider is the same source that did provide the accurate leak last year - that the Galaxy Note 3 will be unwrapped Sept 4. And indeed it happened the same way.

Now whether the date given will be a spot on or not, Galaxy Note lovers should be duly guided by the specifics below as they wait for the next phablet iteration from Samsung:

Galaxy S5-beating specs and features

If there is one compelling reason to skip on the Galaxy S5, it is the Galaxy Note 4 because Samsung's second flagship always improves from the first. Expect more powerful CPU, extra gorgeous display and graphics rendering and the latest Android/TouchWiz that brims with killer phablet features.

In other words, the Note 4 is likely packed with power and offerings that Sammy fans will not find on the GS5. Also, two big bonuses could come out of the box with the device - Android 4.5 or 5.0 and Exynos or Snapdragon 805 (or 810) both in 64-bit eight-core mobile computing class.

New form-factor, same screen size but not necessarily bigger

Recently, one Samsung provided a clue on what the Note 4 would look like - it will flash a new form-factor. What precisely the statement means will be known in the next few months but this early, the Note 3 replacement is envisioned to be sexier, and therefore a stunner, compared to its predecessor.

Experts look forward for a slim and light device that will boast of a 5.7-inch screen. While the Note 4 will keep the screen size seen in the Note 3, it could be that Samsung will employ a combination of fresh design language and manufacturing technique to come up with a relatively smaller footprint for the former.

Extended software support from Samsung and Google

As far as Google's rulebook is concerned, technical support for devices running on Android, regardless if they are pure or skinned, will be an 18-month stretch. But according to Gotta Be Mobile, Samsung could very well extend its support for the Note 4 to another six months, which the tech site said is the case lately for Galaxy flagships and other high-end models.

This means that in opting for the Galaxy Note 4 on its release date later in the year, buyers are assured of two full years of reliable support for their Android and TouchWiz concerns.

The Note 4 will not be cheap

One thing that is sure about the Galaxy Note 4 is it will come with a premium price tag. If carrier subsidy is part of the deal, like in the case of U.S. consumers, then the Note 4 will likely retail for around $300. Yet for the rest of the world, it is the unlocked version that will sit on store shelves. This off-contract units is ready to take home in exchange for cash damage that starts at around $700, which was the price level seen for the Note 3 in some Asia-Pacific markets.

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