Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to Feature Handwriting Recognition and Three-Sided Display?

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 might use handwriting recognition on the lock screen as the South Korean tech giant recently submitted a patent in the U.S., which outlines using handwriting recognition to perform functions from the lock screen.

There is no question that one of the most defining features of the Samsung Galaxy Note series devices is the S Pen stylus. The S Pen is not an ordinary stylus and with this handwriting recognition technology, it can actually unlock new features for its related device, which could be the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

The most obvious function of the handwriting recognition technology is to unlock the device. Basically, it recognises the handwriting of the owner and unlocks the device. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the Galaxy Note 3 has a similar existing feature, which uses signature, but this new feature can unlock the phone even with a variety of phrases.

In the example given in the patent filed, the phrase "call mom" was written, which unlocks the device and simultaneously call the associated contact.

Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is rumoured to sport a three-sided display on release date. Lee Young Hee, Samsung Mobile chief revealed the 2014 plans of the company, which includes a release window and features for the Galaxy S5.

According to the executive via an interview with Bloomberg, the next Galaxy Note could use a "three sided display" which will allow users to read messages at an angle.

The Galaxy Note successor, which could be the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be released Q2 this year and it will be aimed at the premium market, Hee added. If this is true, it makes sense as Samsung has also been rumoured to be developing the Galaxy Note "Lite", which is a cheaper version.

"We are targeting consumers who want more professional use and tend to be willing to pay more for handsets," Hee said.

The executive didn't elaborate further how the three-sided display will work but more reports are expected to be released in the coming months.

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