Samsung Galaxy Note 4 To Feature A 'Bent' Display While Galaxy Note 5 Will Be 'Foldable'

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Samsung has been successful in its Galaxy series for quite some time now. The Korean tech giant has gained a good share of the Android fan base.

Despite all the hype on Samsung Galaxy S5, the tech giant also plans to release its Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note 5. Known for its range of variants per product, Samsung is also looking into offering more imagination and design options. According to the latest reports, the company plans to release a "bent" Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and "foldable" Galaxy Note 5. What can people expect? 

Previously, Samsung offered products with similar design though the Galaxy Round changed that monotony. The Galaxy Round marks the tech giant's foray into other designs, according to the analysts. Also, experts believe the company has been contemplating on curved or flexible displays. 

Although the Galaxy Round did not perform as much as Samsung would like to, it appears the company still wants to pursue bent displays and foldable displays. According to reports from the Korean media, the company has been investing on curved and foldable displays for its products. 

According to a report by the Korea Herald, Samsung is preparing for the release of Galaxy Note 4 with "bent" display. The device will hit the market sometime this year but people will have to wait for official announcements. The technology can be seen like the LG Flex and the Galaxy Round. But it has not gained as much support from the market. Samsung Galaxy Round did not receive favorable sales performance and feedback. 

A Bloomberg report suggested Samsung will be using a "three-sided display" for the upcoming Note 4. This should provide a fresh take on the existing technology. The reports also suggested Samsung will be releasing a "foldable" Galaxy Note 5 ins 2015 after the success of its technological venture. 

The Korean Herald reports quoted Song Jong-ho from Korean KDB Daewoo Securities: "[t]he bent smartphones will be rolled out as a Galaxy variant with a few million units at the end of this year, initially taking aim at the niche market." 

Samsung has been working to improve its Samsung Display production. The A3 production line has been assigned for the production of flexible display technologies. According to reports, the investment is worth around $1.9 billion or 2 trillion won. 

"The bent device is the first step toward testing the market and gauging how it would react to its foldable smartphones that are to be unveiled in the second half of next year," Song stressed.

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