Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Confirmed Release Pushed Back Beyond IFA with More Killer Features to Come

By @peevesky on

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will hit markets after the 2014 IFA. According to recent reports, Samsung indeed plans to release the handset "immediately" following the announcement in hopes of competing against the September release of the iPhone 6. More importantly, the release of the device comes closer as the company has reportedly entered mass production. 

According to G for Games, Samsung set a June-July timeframe to start its mass production. It appears the Korean media got a whiff of it through Korean site News Tomato. The Korean tech giant has entered a similar schedule with its rival Apple. According to reports, Samsung will be gunning for a September in anticipation for the iPhone 6 launch. The company wants to compete around the same time refusing to give Apple a one-man show this fall. 

More importantly, News Tomato also noted that for Samsung to guarantee that it can release "immediately after IFA" the company will also be entering a hectic August. Previously, a Samsung official hinted that the device will be featuring a new form factor leading many to believe that it could debut with a curved screen. There will be options provided reportedly: one flat screen and one curved screen. 

According to AnTuTu benchmark sightings; there will also be two types of chipsets offered: a Snapdragon 805 and an Exynos 5433. Benchmark results showed that the Exynos is superior over Snapdragon in terms of core processing power and graphics performance. If Samsung pushes with it, the Galaxy Note 4 can provide a graphics experience comparable to the PlayStation 3. 

There have also been reports about the Note 4 trying out the QHD factor to go against LG G3's highly praised specs. In support of the handset's release, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note 3 have been receiving price cuts. Top rated eBay seller Blutek is now offering excellent deals for both handsets. People can now buy unlocked units for $349.99 for S4 and $469.99 for Note 3.

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