Samsung Galaxy Note 4: 2014 Release Date, Five Fresh and Powerful Features

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on release data is expected to boost powerful features that will rev up the sales of the South Korean multinational conglomerate company. Samsung accidentally confirmed the presence of the smart phone in a French website which  adds more interesting color to the rumors circulating about the smart gadget.

Here are the five fresh and powerful features that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 are expected to unpack come its rumored release in September 2014.

Waterproof capability

According to several reports, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note will come with a cutting edge High-Performance In-Mold Antenna (H-IMA) instead of the Laser Direct Structuring antenna which was previously used in older models. With the feature, users will have a peace of mind knowing that their smart gadget will still stay alive even with accidental splash or two.

Bigger and better display

 Various articles also mentioned that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will most likely to deliver up to 820 pixels from its high resolution of 3480 x 2160 pixels. Based also on Samsung's trend to deliver bigger screen size for every gadget releases, there is a high probability that the upcoming smart phone's display will grow to 5.9 inches. This way, users will have bigger and better view of the information displayed on the screen and will be able to perform a  plethora of activities and functions on the gadget with ease.

 Powerful Processors

Most sites have already confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy Note will have 4GB RAM running on ether the Octa-core or big LITTLE 16-core processor on Exynos 64-bit chipset. It will also have a storage capacity of up to 128 GB upon its release date.  Such powerful processors will make the users accomplish different tasks. Even tech savvy ones will be able to multi-tasks with the lightning speed processors.

 Hand writing recognition

 Various speculations on the upcoming release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 also mentioned that the phablet will have hand writing recognition screen lock. Samsung engineers have reportedly been working on this feature to enhance the security and privacy of this expensive gadget. With the hand writing recognition feature, users will need to write a few words on the screen to be able to unlock it. It is expected that the gadget will have a built-in fingerprint sensor so the user's personal files will be kept safe and secure as access will be granted to authorized personnel only.

 Three-Sided View

 Reports from various sites also mentioned that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will incorporate the three-sided Youm flexible Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) display into the smart gadget. This technology was first introduced by Samsung at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. With this technology, Galaxy Note 4 users will be able to read the messages and surf the internet displayed on the screen at any angle. It remains to be seen though if this powerful feature will actually be realized.

The above-mentioned fresh and powerful feature of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 make the users eager to unpack their own units on the rumored release date come September 2014. It remains to be seen though if these killer features will indeed be realized.

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