Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Top 10 Buying Tips for October Release Date, Recycling Galaxy Note 2 and Getting the Best Deal

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is set to be released on early October and stores may be flooded by craving customers. So before you set out and walk inside the shop, here are 10 buying tips for the desirable Galaxy Note 3.

Source: Samsung

1. Sufficient Supply

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is not as popular as iPhone 5S which means that there's sufficient supply for any capable buyers. The next-generation Samsung phablet is also expensive compared to most devices which not everyone plans to buy. You can visit Samsung stores anytime once Galaxy Note 3 is released without getting hassle on the supply chain.

2. Always Be Prepared

Make sure you have the information needed on your network carrier including the account, data usage and current data plans before upgrading to Galaxy Note 3. Network carriers are going to change your subscription depending on your contract, so be prepared for everything which may affect your budget. Call your network carrier or check their Web site for full and detailed information about Galaxy Note 3 deals.

3. Online Ordering

Use the power technology and order online instead of facing the stress along the road especially if the nearest store is far from you. Network carriers are always posting all vital information regarding the contract and cost of their products. In addition, you can also browse for other sites such as Amazon and BestBuy to find great deals with Samsung's new phablet.

4. No Lines in Stores

Some buyers would like to get comfortable purchasing Galaxy Note 3 online instead of travelling. If you prefer some sunshine and little exercise, visit the physical stores for the Galaxy Note 3 and expect no lines for it is not as crazy as with the iPhone 5S. Remember that Galaxy Note 3 will be made available to almost all kind of media outlets for purchase. Moreover, choose shops which are not busy so that you can buy Galaxy Note 3 with great convenience.

5. Galaxy Note 3 Speaks for Itself

Ignore the sales pitch and go straight away with Galaxy Note 3. For sure, sales pitch will promote another device which does not feature S Pen or Galaxy Gear compatible - so why waste time? Aside from that, the Galaxy Note 3 doesn't immediately require you to buy accessories such as protective covers or docks. The phablet is protected by the latest Corning Gorilla Glass which doesn't crack or shatter easily. Purchase accessories you truly need instead of wasting your money.

6. Expect the Need for Additional Storage

You don't need new covers or casing but a 64GB microSD card is necessary. Bring extra cash for the storage expansion and save time by buying both the memory card and the phablet on the same day. Galaxy Note 3 features full HD display and storing HD movies will consume a lot of storage space which eventually forces you to expand its memory.

7. Don't Say "Yes" Instantly

Not all retailers sell devices with the same price tag and you should check out as many stores as you can to get the best deal. Stores may offer you amazing discounts and other deals which you may not get from network carriers.

8. Colour Options

Currently, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has three colour variants - Black, White and Pink. Before going to stores and retail shops, contact them for availability of your chosen colour. Then inquire shops which supply that colour variant and make sure they also have the best deal for you.

9. Galaxy Note 2

If you own a Galaxy Note 2 and still in good condition, consider reselling the device to your network carrier as trade to reduce the Galaxy Note 3 price. In case your carrier doesn't allow that, go to retail stores and try to find the best buyer or use online shops such as eBay to auction the Galaxy Note 2. In this way, you'll get further savings for your Galaxy Note 3.

10. Don't be Compulsive

Don't be compulsive on buying the Galaxy Note 3. Since the supply will last till Samsung releases Galaxy Note 4, assess contract deals, network subscriptions, data usage and your bank account before heading to stores and buy one. Galaxy Note 3 will be waiting for you until 2014 ends!

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