Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Snapdragon 805 Variant Might Arrive This Year - Report

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 launched last year as the flagship device in the Note series. This year, Samsung appears to launch another version of the Note 3 in Snapdragon 805 variant, which is a faster version of the current model.

Samsung and Qualcomm teamed up at the Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona to show a modified version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to run on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor.

"We're excited to be working with Samsung across products and technologies to break new ground in enabling customers with the fastest mobile broadband connections worldwide," said Alex Katouzian, senior vice president of product management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

"From enabling the world's first LTE Advanced Category 6 demo in a leading commercial smartphone form factor, to driving LTE in high-volume smartphones, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. continues to lead the industry's transition to next-generation network mobile connectivity."

Allegedly, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor utilises LTE Category 6, which is more superior to the current standard, LTE Category 4. Basically, this new processor allowed mobile Internet to have a jaw dropping speed of 300 Mbps.

Qualcomm also mentioned that the Snapdragon 805 processor is the best chip that the company has to date.

Devices powered by the Snapdragon 805 processor are set to launch late this year, according to Qualcomm. Meanwhile, according to Sam Mobile, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 might be the first device to sport and carry the power of the Snapdragon 805, considering the fact that Samsung has already made a prototype for show. With this move, it is likely that Samsung will take this path that Sam Mobile predicts.

Thus far, Samsung and Qualcomm have not issued any official announcement regarding the matter therefore; we must take these rumours with a grain of salt.

Back when it was released, the Samsung Note 3 was no slouch and a faster version which will be specially developed and modified for the LTE Category 6 might entice fans and buyers who are looking for a futuristic smartphone even more.

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