Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Rumours: 3 Things to Know on the Phablet’s Rumoured September 2013 Release Date

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The second Samsung flagship this year, the Galaxy Note 3, is landing likely on September 2013, hard-pressed to surpass the too-high bar set by its Sammy cousin, the Galaxy S4, and other rival handsets.

Reportedly, Samsung has indicated that underway works on the Note 3 will ensure that consumers will get hold of a new phablet that deserves to be called a premium device, inside and out.

It will have the upscale specs available today - a mega screen size at 5.9-inch with Full HD Super AMOLED plus IGZO touch screen sensitivity and flexible display for added durability. The power within is a behemoth in the form of an 8-core Exynos that boasts of the best CPU benchmark to date.

But beyond these attributes, will the Note 3 play to expectations and exceed the accomplishments of its Note predecessors and that of the GS4? Will this Samsung phablet continue to fuel the growth of the market segment that the original Galaxy Note had created?

Here are some of the reasons Samsung could have another oversized smartphone hit in the offing.

The Note 3 is designed to patch holes found on the GS4

General reviews of the GS4 elicited positive grades. But the glaring gripes are hard to ignore and foremost of which is the body-built. For a Samsung flagship, the handset is below the grade both in the looks and feel department. The culprit identified by critics is the GS4's design and body material. The former merely takes a page from the Galaxy S3 while the latter is simply cheap because it's mainly plastic, reviewers said.

It appears Samsung eyes and ears are open as the company hinted that the Note 3 will finally steer away from the maligned Galaxy design template. Following the raves attracted by the solid unibody and metallic case of the HTC One, the South Korean firm floated the idea that its next phablet edition will offer better body engineering plus the choice of more luxurious component.

Samsung hinted that it is cooking up a more lovable monster in the Note 3, delivering to consumers a phablet that they will proudly display for its power and beauty, pushing up its aesthetic and sturdiness levels thanks to aluminium body and flexible screen display.

The Note 3 is a smarter Galaxy S4 and more

The GS4 is rolling out with the full Jelly Bean 4.2.2 rendition mixed with Samsung's TouchWiz smartphone skin. The premium come-on is the new Smart features of the handset that makes for revolutionary ways of enjoying and manipulating a handset.

This kind of smartphone menu will not on stop on the GS4, Samsung vowed. The likelihood is, all of these features will be replicated in the Note 3 and more. The 'more' will come in the form of an updated operating system, which could be Jelly Bean 4.3 or even Key Lime Pie.

And going by Samsung's practice of faster support for fresher products, it is more likely that it is the Note 3, among the numerous Galaxy handsets, which will get KLP first once the new mobile OS is dispatched by Google for deployment.

The Note 3 is the most powerful Galaxy smartphone on its release

The mix of Android and Premium Suite makes the Note 3 a top-notch gadget, having the distinction of flashing the best both in hardware and software. As mentioned above, its Exynos chip architecture is regarded by experts as the top performer among the present crop of CPUs.

In almost every aspect, the Note 3 will easily overpower its 2013 contemporaries, which include the waterproofed Xperia Z, the metallic HTC One, the plastic-based Galaxy S4 and the aluminium-wrapped iPhone 5S.

The phablet will probably meet its toughest foe in the iPhone 6, which rumours said is the radically redesigned iOS smartphone that represents Apple's full-pledged entry into the supersized smartphone arena.

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