Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Redesigned to Sport Curved, Flexible Screen Display – New Samsung Patent

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Samsung recently won a patent approval from U.S. authorities that strongly suggests of a slightly curved and expectedly durable screen for the Galaxy Note 3 release date in September.

In a graphic illustration published by Patent Bolt, a generic-looking but supersized smartphone is shown with a noticeably bended screen when viewed on three perspectives - top, bottom and in the angled front-side.

The design template points to that of the Galaxy Note series profile with specific revisions, which support earlier reports that Samsung is deploying its flagship phablet with marked improvements, both in form and features.

The prototype front flashes a sprawling phone screen that eats much of the space but leaves enough room on the top portion for a speaker and camera sensor. It appears too that Samsung is ditching its signature Home button and two capacitive keys as they are nowhere to be found in the image.

It is assumed the control keys will be replaced by touch controller within the screen real estate.

Other Note mainstays were also reconfigured. The power button for the Note 3 is now situated on the top-border of the gadget along with the audio jack input. The volume rocker was repositioned on the right side while at the bottom edge, the familiar micro-USB connector is found for charging and docking purposes.

Yet the most interesting addition is found at the back of the image. The camera lens, placed a little on the right side, is seemly protected by a built-in flip cover, its functionality undefined in the patent.

No further specs were provided in the filing documents though reports have suggested that the Note 3 is coming with a 5.9-inch screen, an 8-core Exynos Octa CPU with 2GB of RAM and a 13MP cam shooter.

It is also rumoured that Samsung would want the Galaxy Note 3 body to be built on more robust materials, likely mixing a metallic chassis with a flexible display component to protect its inner parts.

The phablet's release date is expected on September 2013, with analysts predicting that Samsung would either use the IFA gadget showcase in Berlin or stage its own event between Sept 1 and 5.

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