Samsung Galaxy Note 3: Reasons to Buy on its September 2013 Release Date

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Samsung wants to see its third-gen phablet flagship, the Galaxy Note 3, flying off the shelves following its rumoured September release date, a new report said.

To realise that, Samsung is ensuring that the supersized smartphone will flash superb hardware and software capabilities, making the Note 3 as "Samsung's most wanted device ... (to) sell like hot cakes," SamMobile said in a report.

Citing its source, SamMobile provided new mega specs and features that possibly would convince consumers that upgrading to the Galaxy Note 3 is a worthwhile investment. Here they are:

It would be a monster but portable machine

One word is seen to attract millions of buys for the Note 3 - Exynos. This connotes a brute CPU that houses eight hardworking cores, which tap into 3GB of RAM, potentially pushing the upcoming smartphone to device benchmarks never seen before.

Adding up to such herculean capacity is the 8-core Mali 450 GPU that will effortlessly fire up the Note 3's massive screen rendering tasks. The device is said to sport a gigantic 5.99-inch Full HD Super AMOLED screen, likely earning it the distinction of being the largest but easy to handle mobile phone.

It would present a reengineered body-build

Consciously, Samsung is a driving a wedge between the Note 3 and its other flagship, the Galaxy S4. While the general functions of the two phones are somewhat similar, the phablet will acquire its own identity through a different build - more durable and premium-looking than the GS4, reports said.

In spite of having a bigger screen, the Note 3 is not necessarily a brick-like gadget. Its reported redesign will accommodate the wider viewing window while shedding significant hefts, again thanks to its thin-bezel profile.

It could be one of the Key Lime Pie pioneers

Reports have suggested that Android 5.0 will not arrive right after Google's I/O Developers Conference later this month. The new mobile OS will have to wait until September or later.

True or not, the Note 3's debut schedule runs smack right with the supposed release date of KLP and the chance is high for the phablet to be among KLP's initial recipients. When merged with TouchWiz, the wealth of possibilities for Galaxy Note 3 users is virtually limitless, experts said.

It would bring in top-notch S-Pen stylus experience

Samsung is rumoured to include Sharp's IGZO display technology with its own Super AMOLED. The result would be excellent and immersive screen display rendering with enhanced touch screen sensitivity.

The latter benefits most the Note 3's companion S-Pen, which is likely to gain more responsive functions with entry of IGZO into Samsung's Galaxy supply chain environment. Note that the same technology is reportedly in Apple's radar, highlighting the impressive touch screen prowess that comes into play with the new Galaxy Note 3.

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